Match, Create, Execute: A Guide to Becoming a Gradito Chef & Sommelier

December 3, 2022

Gradito is NYC’s new gastronomic destination for delicious and exclusive experiences without the hassles of restaurant wait times, reservations, and additional fees of going out. However, what really sets Gradito apart from Michelin starred restaurants, or even delivery food apps, is our group of highly skilled chefs and sommeliers that will make every gourmet experience unique and unforgettable. Gradito’s talented professionals are excited to share their culinary experience with curious clients and will bring a high level of thoughtfulness and passion to every dish or wine they serve. 

Working with Gradito means being a part of a collective experience that cherishes craftsmanship, excellence, and quality in the sacredness of a client’s home. With Gradito, freelancing feels like a breeze. By setting your availability within the Gradito app, you can choose when and where you’d like to work. Our talented group of culinary professionals is what makes us who we are; that’s why we handle such things as client acquisition, marketing, and additional staffing for 10+ person events, so you don’t have to! We want you to focus on what you’re passionate about - creating a combination of delicately vibrant flavors that will bring a feeling of warmth and joy to others. 

What Makes a Gradito Chef & Sommelier

When it comes to food, we crave innovation and discovery. At Gradito, we’re looking for highly trained chefs and sommeliers with diverse backgrounds who share this same sentiment of culinary adventure. It is remarkable how many ingredients and flavors are unknown to our taste buds… Here at Gradito, we seek to create an atmosphere of culinary connection and exchange - we want to learn about the places you’ve traveled, the people you have met, and the experiences that have shaped you into the professional you are today. 

Besides conducting a thorough screening process including testimonials and background checks, we carefully select our chefs based on their set of experiences and demonstrated passion for their craft. The individuals who work at Gradito are characterized for their ability to create memorable food experiences and service for any event. Gradito chefs believe in the power of welcoming and strive to make everyone around the table feel appreciated and cared for.

Match: Like Tinder, But for Food & Wine

It is no secret that the New York City dating scene has made a huge transition to dating apps in the last decade. In an era of swiping and searching for romantic partners online, why not then start matching with clientele for freelance work? With Gradito, you’re able to match with people, like Tinder, based on location and preferences - the goal being a unique cooking and dining experience. And don’t worry about the clients swiping left. You have something they all want… NYC’s most exclusive reservation without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Gradito’s Matchmaking System


  • What’s on the menu? - To start the matching process, our chefs can publish three, five, and seven-course signature menus on their profiles for each cuisine they specialize in.
  • The client makes the first move - A client begins by choosing the type of cuisine they would like for their specific booking.
  • Your culinary experience matters to us - Gradito then matches the client with the highest-rated chef available who specializes in that type of cuisine.
  • We prioritize quality - After being notified through the Gradito app, the selected chef will have 30 minutes to confirm the booking, which will be exclusively held for them during the 30 minutes.
  • It wasn’t meant to be - If the selected chef does not accept the booking within 30 minutes, all chefs within the location who specialize in the cuisine requested have an opportunity to accept the booking. The first chef to accept matches with the client. 
  • Meet ‘the one’ - Once the match is made, clients are then able to select a chef's signature menu within the app or create a custom menu with the chef in Gradito messenger.

And there you have it… a match made in gourmet heaven.


Create: At Gradito, Every Dish Has a Story


Once you’ve confirmed your menu details and preferences with your client, you are ready to begin preparing for your unique culinary creation. And let’s not forget… What's an Osso Buco without a nice Barolo? As a sommelier, you will have the ability to speak with the main chef beforehand to ensure a great selection of wines for a collaborative experience of luxury dining.

At Gradito, we emphasize that every dish has a story, and strive to always showcase the details that go within every meal. The courses and wine we serve are more than just to satisfy peoples’ appetite; they are meant to welcome individuals into new worlds of flavor. The flavor combinations and wine pairings you choose should spark emotions, conversations, memories… 

Gradito is a collective experience. We invite you to tell your clients the concealed story and life that exists within your dish, and who knows? - they might have their own personal connection to the dish that they’d like to share with you too.  

Execute: Preparation Ensures the Best Quality


Gradito chefs are exceptionally organized, punctual, and always come prepared with sharpened knives. Our chefs are responsible for all the ingredients featured at a booking. Chefs are issued stripe virtual cards which contain 28% of the event cost to use for groceries. They make sure to order & receive their high-quality ingredients and ensure the proper transportation of the latter to the client’s home or designated location. 

We know how hard our chefs and sommeliers work, and that’s why Gradito offers competitive compensation for your services. With Gradito, chefs select their minimum daily rate based on the number of people and courses prepared in a particular booking. Sommeliers earn $300 per 2-12 person booking and have the option to be booked ‘Short Notice’ to receive a 30% pay increase for their services. Both chefs and sommeliers are paid the following day after the event, and receive 100% of the client’s tip through the Gradito app. Who knows? Maybe you hit it off with your client match, and it turns out they’re looking for something serious… Gradito has long-term placements available, and those chefs that qualify can expect to earn between $130-200K per year. 

So, what do you say? Ready to bring your unique culinary flair and the gift of luxury to others in your own time? Gradito welcomes you to its kitchen - where culinary creation meets great memories and meaningful connections.   


Take a Chance on Love Gradito: 

5 Simple Steps to Start Your Journey  

  1. Using an iPhone, download TestFlight from the App Store.
  2. Download the Gradito app, and click the three lines on the top right corner of the app, where it says ‘Join our team’.
  3. Log in as Host (using a different email than with the customer version).
  4. Create your profile and set your availability for bookings.
  5. Complete your independent contractor contract.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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