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About us

At Gradito, we believe that shared experiences create unforgettable moments. So we bring chefs together with curious clients together by bringing the high-end dining experience home. In addition to valuing shared experiences, we also believe in craftsmanship, so we seek diverse talents of chefs and sommeliers to bring you an unforgettable dining experience.

The feeling you had at a restaurant with an exclusive reservation list, or a restaurant that created a perfect ambiance for a momentous life event, or a restaurant in a foreign country that you'll never forget - we want you to again savor those feelings, but this time in the comfort of your own home or office – with outstanding food, wine and service brought to your doorstep. That’s what ‘gradito’ is all about.

It all began with our founder Sean, who has over 15 years experience in Michelin-starred restaurants across the world, including three-hat Tetsuya’s in Sydney, two-star Disfrutar in Barcelona and one-star Shiosaka in Tokyo.

His mission is simple: to bring your gourmet visions to life with New York’s most trusted and talented private chefs at your fingertips. From Manhattan to around the globe, Gradito aims to become the go-to private dining experience, and the private dining experience in which people place their trust.

"We believe in power of welcoming – so we respect and cherish our customers space."

message from our founder


Currently serving New York city
and within the Hamptons.


How Does Gradito Work?

At Gradito, we’re opening the door to delicious and exclusive experiences. Gradito is a marketplace for trusted and talented private chefs and sommeliers - available to you within a half a day's notice. Using a unique algorithm, you’re matched with chefs who best suit your personal preferences, who bring all ingredients themselves. Choose between 2-12 guests at your home or office to let us bring a first class dining experience to you.

How much does Gradito cost?

Gradito costs as little as $150 per person.

Must I provide any groceries for the booking?

No. Your Gradito chef does all the shopping, cooking and cleaning after the meal.

Which cuisines Do Gradito Chefs offer?

Our trusted and talented chefs currently offer Cantonese, French, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, New American, Kosher, Plant Based, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese. If you’d like a cuisine that we don’t currently offer, please get in touch with, and we'll find a way to offer new cuisine types.

How does menu planning work?

Choose your chef's set menu, polished menu or create one with your chef within the app’s messenger.

How many people can enjoy a gradito experience?

Bookings are currently available for 2-12 people.

Which plates and glasses are used for the events?

We will happily use the plates and glasses that you have at home. If you'd like us to organize rentals, please contact us within the app.