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Gradito is a platform that allows Michelin-trained, private chefs to set their own day rates and schedules and thrive within their freelance communities. Based in New York, our vision is to connect people with the best private chefs for their special meals. With decades of experience in top restaurants, hotels, and private dining, we know how to create an environment that diners and chefs enjoy.
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Become a Gradito Private Chef or Sommelier

Tired of working long hours without the freedom to set your own? Take control of your career and become your own boss through Gradito, the app you need to help start your own dinner party catering business or private chef service in New York.

Growing as a community, our sommeliers and chefs will serve as Gradito ambassadors, carefully vetted and chosen based upon their specialized training, and their choice to devote their career to their passion for the service of food and wine.


Opportunities with Gradito

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We are passionate about treating chefs and sommeliers with respect, and compensating them based on experience. Diverse backgrounds and resumes are what we’re looking for. Following our registration process, which includes references and a background check, our chefs are carefully selected based on their enthusiasm for memorable food experiences and service.

How do I receive contact requests through the Gradito app?

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First, chefs must keep their schedules current, as clients match with them based on cuisine choice and schedule. Please confirm if you'd like to be booked for short notice events, as chefs are able to be booked for three course dinners within six to 24 hours’ notice. Chefs receive a 30 percent pay increase for short notice service.

Is there a Budget for groceries for the event? Does it Affect A Chef's Compensation?

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Chefs first input their minimum daily rate and it's worked with a multiplier system based on the number of people and size of menu. Chefs who set a lower day rate receive more work.

Grocery budget is determined based upon the size of menu and number of guests. Total dollar amount to be used for groceries is shown to the chef for each individual booking within the app. Please take a photo of all receipts and send it to us within the app.