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Hello and welcome to Gradito - a marketplace for trusted and talented private chefs and sommeliers. It was born from an Italian expression that explains everything this company is about – an open-door invitation to your home and a feeling of cherishing the moment with a memorable meal.
On this blog we open the doors to people sharing the same passion – stories born around unforgettable food and wine. You will discover the rising talents of the culinary scene, portrayed by the writers who can make you taste and smell with only their words and allow you to get a hint of secrets behind the art of crafting unique experiences for your special occasions with family and friends. Maybe one day, another story will be yours to tell! Sit back and dive into to the articles published here regularily.

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Featured Post
Featured Post

How To Plan the Ultimate (and Easiest) Dinner Party in NYC & the Hamptons in 2023

Take out your pen or notes app because here are 5 easy steps to plan the ultimate (and easiest) dinner party in NYC and the Hamptons.


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How To Plan the Ultimate (and Easiest) Dinner Party in NYC & the Hamptons in 2023

Take out your pen or notes app because here are 5 easy steps to plan the ultimate (and easiest) dinner party in NYC and the Hamptons.

The 4 Best Personalized Foodie Apps You Need to Know in New York City

So, for those of you in search of “a personal touch” when it comes to your food apps folder, here are the top 5 personalized foodie apps in New York City that we think you should download: Gradito, Hello Vino, Beli & Happy Cow.

All You Need to Know About NYC’s Latest Sommelier & Wine Tasting Experience

Here’s all you need to know about Gradito’s unmatched private sommelier & wine tasting experience.

Why A Private Chef is the Best Way to Overcome Homesickness in New York City

Gradito’s private chef app is your new cure for homesickness in New York City, offering an authentic taste of home in your own home with just a few clicks… Our trusty team of elite private chefs can bring a familiar feeling to help ease your homesickness through a wide variety of delicious dishes made just for you.

3 Benefits of Booking With a Gradito Private Chef Versus a Catering Service for Your Next Special Event

If you’re looking for top-tier quality ingredients, impeccable service, and a fully personalized culinary experience, look no further. Gradito’s private chef and sommelier service is the perfect solution.

An Evening With Gradito is the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

This Valentine’s Day, whether you have plans with your partner, your pals, or your family, Gradito is here to help you spread the love through an exclusive gastronomic experience right in the comfort of your home.

What Should Be Next Up On Your Family Bucket List in 2023?

There are only so many family game nights and Taco Tuesdays you can do… So why not surprise your kids with a Spanish Tapas Night… family style! With a few clicks, you can hire a professional chef on our Gradito app, and book an exclusive evening for your entire family. Let us transport you and your family to Sevilla!

This is How A Private Chef is the Best Way to Elevate Your Stay in the Hamptons in 2023

When it comes to Gradito, we know luxury. We also know that the Hamptons is one of the best destinations to experience elegance and extravagance. That’s why we offer our private chef services in the city of New York as well as the Hamptons.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Private Chef for Your Next Book Club Meeting

Book clubs are a great and easy way to see friends, learn new things, boost your creativity, and even escape the worries of life’s daily problems. The books can be incredibly fascinating, and the discussions even more so. But let’s be honest, a lot of us come for the food…

How To Book NYC’s Most Exclusive Omakase in 2023

In the past few years, omakase has been one of the top things to do on NYC’s “It List”. A good amount of New Yorkers run on sushi, and omakase’s traction has brought a certain level of sophistication that a lot of people in the city didn’t even know they were craving.

Here’s How Gradito is Leading the Way for In-Home Luxury Dining

Here at Gradito, we believe that 2023 is the year for luxury. Who said private chefs were solely reserved for celebrities and household names? In this new year, we think it’s time for you to treat yourself and experience this ultimate culinary experience in your own home.

Gradito Spotlight Series: Sommelier Mauro Enfield

An in-depth insight on how to become a freelance sommelier with Gradito. In this spotlight series, Gradito interviews sommelier, Mauro Enfield as we learn his wine-purchasing secrets.

Gradito: A Special Treat for Any of These 7 Occasions

We want to bring back the term “special treat” with Gradito and save you time while doing it. Gradito not only gives you the luxury you crave without the hassles, but it will also bring joy to any and every one of these events on your calendar.

What To Do for Your Next ‘Ladies Night In’?

The days of drinking tequila until 4am aren’t over, just limited. Dinner and drinks sound more doable - for this week, at least. But it’s cold, covid is still roaming the streets, and you have no interest in calling every restaurant in Manhattan to see if they miraculously have a last-minute reservation for six.

Top 5 Reasons to Try Gradito Today

With Gradito the joy of gourmet food is just a click away. Gradito is a new on-demand mobile service for fine dining experiences in the comfort of your home. With our exclusive team of professional chefs and sommeliers, you’ll be sure to feel like the guest of honor at the most premier restaurant..

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