3 Benefits of Gradito Private Chef vs. Catering for Events

December 18, 2023

To throw a great event is one thing, but to pull off a great event in New York City… Now that’s a totally different ballgame. 

There are a number of factors that come with planning a top-notch gathering in this vibrant city. From the music to the location to the theme, a handful of details come into play when planning a great time for your NYC pals, colleagues, or loved ones. And yet, there’s only one thing that you can be 100% sure can make or break any event… and yes, folks, I’m talking about the food.  

Here in New York City, we have a boundless amount of great supermarkets and gourmet shops at our fingertips. But let’s face it, we’re also busy bees day and night. Our calendars are constantly filled to the brim with reminders, and we are always jumping from one thing to another. All this to say, we don’t have time to make the fancy goat cheese stuffed dates or tuna tartar bites for our guests. 

Then again, we New Yorkers are blessed when it comes to food options. Desperate times call for delicious measures. When planning an event, we have the luxury of choosing what food to serve our guests… And even better, whom we can call to handle the hosting for us? You could certainly book a catering service last minute, and skip the grocery shopping and detailed planning… but what if this time you opted for something a little more exclusive and interactive for your special event?

If you’re looking for top-tier quality ingredients, impeccable service, and a fully personalized culinary experience, look no further. Gradito’s private chef and sommelier service is the perfect solution. Many people tend to rely on catering companies around the city as a last-minute resort, but we’re here to introduce you to your new and improved backup plan. 

Gradito is a luxury fine dining experience with one of NYC’s premier private chefs in the comfort of your home, office, or preferred dining space. We are a talented group of private chefs and sommeliers ready to bring an immersive Michelin-star experience to your doorstep at a click of a button. With Gradito you can choose one of our elite personal chef’s seasonal menus, or work one on one with your private chef to create a customized menu unique to you and your guest's food preferences and dietary needs. Not to mention, you can also hire a highly-skilled sommelier to design a wine and spirits menu that will elevate your meal to another level of deliciousness. Whatever the special occasion, booking a private chef and sommelier with Gradito will ensure your dinner party is a total success.

Gradito’s private chef and sommelier experiences offer innovative and fully customized meal courses that can’t be found at your traditional caterer. Let us handle the menu pre-planning, grocery shopping, preparation, cooking, service, and clean-up of your event with Gradito… Trust us, once you’ve experienced an event with the creativity and smooth help of Gradito, catering services won’t even cross your mind.

Here are the top three benefits of booking a private chef with Gradito versus a catering service for your next special event:

  1. Gradito Actually Caters to Your Preferences

You’re already spending the money for someone to help you host and entertain your guests with delicious food, so might as well book the best of the best with Gradito. Here at Gradito, your food wishes are our culinary command. 

Our personalized private chef and sommelier services are designed exactly for you and the needs of your special event. Prior to choosing a seasonal personal chef menu or creating your own, we provide you with a questionnaire to learn exactly what you and your guests love when it comes to food. Based on your desired cuisine and questionnaire answers, our elite private chefs are able to tailor your menu to the individual preferences, style, and taste you are looking for in your unique dinner party event. 

Whether you’re really into spice, enjoy plant-based foods, or are curious to try new flavors, Gradito is ready to cater to your palate as well as your gastronomic interests. 

  1. Experience Your Food From Scratch

Catering services typically cook their food off-site and deliver the already-cooked food to the event. They might make a few on-site preparations for the meal, but it’s usually all pre-made and ready to eat. Booking a private chef with Gradito for your next event or dinner party means you’ll get to experience your food from start to finish. Forget about the cold rice and soggy dessert, with Gradito you can expect nothing but ‘in-the-moment presentations’ of fresh food at its most optimal state. Not only will you get to see the fine ingredients your private chef will use to prepare your meal, but you will also get an exclusive look into your chef’s entire cooking process. 

Besides having front-row seats to this luxury gastronomic experience, you and your guests will also have control over the cleanliness with which your food will be prepared. Unlike catering services, Gradito’s private chef services offer complete transparency when it comes to ingredient sourcing and meal preparations. You and your guests will soon get to breathe in the aromas of a Michelin-starred meal cooked in the clean comfort of your own kitchen. 

  1. Exceptional Service That Goes Beyond the Food

There is a certain level of elegance and sophistication that Gradito has that catering services can simply not compete with. Hiring a top-ranked private chef and sommelier with Gradito equals an interactive gastronomic experience enriched with high-quality ingredients, exceptional service, and even a history lesson or two. We seek out NYC private chefs and sommeliers that not only have diverse backgrounds but are also ready to tell their stories and unique experiences through their bold culinary creations. 

The food makes up just 50% of what makes the Gradito experience far more than great. We truly believe in bringing the best Michelin experience to your home, so our attention to detail and extraordinary service make up that remaining 50%. Instead of having several people serve you and your guests, you’ll get your very own VIP private chef and sommelier ready for a night of luxury and celebration.

Unlike catering services, Gradito is characterized by an exclusive and intimate nature that transcends the dishes on your dinner table. The Gradito in-home fine dining experience is an exchange of ideas, stories, and good food. We go beyond satisfying you and your guests' appetite - we want to feed your curiosity. 

So next time you're looking for some help with your dinner party or special event, skip the caterer and let us know… We look forward to “wow-ing” you very soon.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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