3 Reasons to Hire a Private Chef for Book Club

December 18, 2023

Book clubs are a great and easy way to see friends, learn new things, boost your creativity, and even escape the worries of life’s daily problems. The books can be incredibly fascinating, and the discussions even more so. But let’s be honest, a lot of us come for the food…

Am I wrong? 

What’s better than hanging out with your friends and talking about books? Doing it while eating delicious food, of course! The book can be life-changing or absolutely terrible, but at the end of the day, we all know the food and drinks are the base of any good book club meeting. However, there are only so many Trader Joe’s snacks you can buy and chocolate chip cookies you can bake… With so many great books out there, you avid readers need something a little more filling in order to have some seriously hearty discussions.

Instead of busting out the hummus and crackers, you could spice things up and whip up some appetizers inspired by the titillating romance between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett... Hmmm, sounds fun, but with work, the kids, and that huge to-do list taped on the fridge, do you really have the time and energy for that? Unfortunately, not. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go back to store-bought chips and dips. You might not have the time, but the idea is still there. We might just have the perfect solution for you... 

We all know you and your bookmates can’t resist a good story filled with opulence… So why not bring the glitz and glamor of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby to life, and experience a unique luxury dining experience that even Gatsby himself would be jealous of?

You can make your next book club meeting an extra extra-special event with a top NYC private chef and sommelier that will create for you a culinary & literary evening like no other. With the Gradito private chef app, you can transport your senses to the world of your novel by having a customizable menu of specialty dishes made just for you and your bookmates. 

  1. Bring Your Book Club Meetings Back to Life

It’s a tale as old as time… Everyone is busy and no one has enough time. But we know that you all miss those days when every single person came to the meeting, and you all had exciting and stimulating conversations about your latest read… 

Well, the wait for those days to come back is officially over. By booking with Gradito, you and your group will be able to turn a new page - literally.  Gradito’s top-ranked private chefs and sommeliers will bring a refreshing twist to your next meeting, and, without a doubt, breathe new life into your book club. By offering you exceptional service and the best seasonal ingredients, your elite personal chef will give you a night of succulent flavors and help you bring back that spark your book club once had. Just think, with every new course, you can move on to the next discussion question… or not! The possibilities are endless with Gradito. 

No one can catch onto literary symbols or analyze vast existential questions on an empty stomach, can they? Our talented private chefs and sommeliers will make sure to reignite that initial hunger for literature you all once had by indulging the hunger that they know best. ;) Trust us, your book club night with a highly skilled Gradito chef and sommelier will definitely guarantee perfect attendance.

  1. A Menu Inspired by Your Book 

Just like the authors of your favorite novels, Gradito’s culinary experts are skillful storytellers when it comes to food and wine. Our passionate private chefs and sommeliers have lived through a myriad of experiences all over the world and have the magical ability to recount their stories through the carefully placed colors and flavors on your dinner table. Who knows the number of stories that can exist in one single dish? I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself…

In addition to our talented group of innovative and highly skilled culinary professionals, one of the best things about Gradito’s in-home fine dining service is that it is a personalized gastronomic experience for every client. When it comes to a meal inspired by your book, your at home personal chef will take the time and care to figure out a menu with delectable courses that will bring your literary and gourmet vision to the surface.

A few ideas you and your Gradito private chef and sommelier could bring to life…

  • You and your book club pals decided that this year’s theme is Latinx authors. Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years in Solitude is the first one on the list, and what better way to celebrate such a great novel than a private chef dinner party menu inspired by García Márquez’s homeland and setting of the novel: Colombia. With our Gradito personal chef app, you can enjoy a three or five-course meal incorporating the vibrant flavors of Colombia. But then again, One Hundred Years in Solitude is a long and complex read, so why not upgrade your at-home private dining experience to a seven-course meal filled with a variety of decadent dishes from all around Latin America? Just imagine the fun you’ll all have to discuss the novel by accompanying your literary thoughts with a personal chef menu that could offer everything from Peruvian seafood dishes to Argentinian wine to Brazilian desserts.  

  • This month you’ve decided you want more of a historical read (still including a love triangle, of course), so you all pick Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. Here at Gradito, we know that you’re going to need a little something extra to discuss all the heartbreak and resilience these characters must go through during the novel. With such a heavy read, our private chef service will bring the amusement and delight you and your book-mates need with a personalized menu based on the very best of French cuisine. Even better, one of our Gradito sommeliers can create an exclusive wine menu to elevate your meal even further. We can assure you you’ll finish your discussion of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece feeling quite the opposite of misérable.  

  • Now you’re reading Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, which means it’s time for some authentic South Indian cuisine with your very own private chef found for you through the Gradito app. Go ahead and travel through the Pacific Ocean with Pi with a unique dinner menu created by one of our elite private chefs. You and your book club friends will get a first-hand experience of the fresh spices and mouthwatering flavors of South India, all in the enjoyment of your home. But why not get even more creative, and let your private chef finish your fine dining book club meeting with nothing other than… a slice of pie. Yes, here at Gradito we appreciate a good pun now and then. 

Whatever the book, whomever the author, and whatever the theme… our Gradito private chefs and sommeliers have you covered with their very own culinary story inspired by yours.

  1. Hosting This Week’s Book Club Just Became Fun

Book clubs are a great way to decompress and relieve some stress. There’s nothing better than sitting back, relaxing, and talking about a good book with a fun group of people. It can be such a nice experience to travel through a book by planning an array of food inspired by your book. But as exciting as a themed dinner can be, figuring out how to exactly bring it all together can be extremely challenging. But not with Gradito.

Offer your friends a night of fine dining where great literature meets even better food. All you have to do is book a private chef near you through the Gradito app, and our elite personal chefs and sommeliers will take care of the rest. Go ahead, and let our top-ranked private chefs help you impress your buddies with the best book club night they’ll ever have. Enjoy your book and your friends without having to worry about food, drinks, or cleaning up. You might just win the title of best book club host, all while not having to lift a finger the entire evening - just your wine glass. No stress, no mess, only room to impress.

Whether you make it a once-a-month treat or a yearly tradition, every book club deserves a night of luxury… And an NYC dinner party with a Gradito personal chef and sommelier is the best and easiest solution. Let your buddies know you’re about to kick things up a notch for your book club with a personalized luxury dining experience chez toi. 

Rest assured, everyone will show up to today’s meeting. 

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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