5 Fun & Delicious Activities in NYC That Your Gut Will Love

December 18, 2023

When it comes to nutrition and wellness, ‘gut health’ is at the epicenter of people’s health concerns nowadays. In the past decade, research has demonstrated the profound connection that exists between gut health and a person’s overall well-being. People are beginning to recognize the direct relationship that exists between our guts and our physical as well as mental well-being. As a result, individuals worldwide have started to embrace seeking ways to restore and maintain healthy gut microbiota. 

Whether it's for immune support, hormone regulation, or brain health reasons, more and more people are adopting gut-friendly diets and lifestyles. From probiotics to fermented foods, people are finding creative approaches to sustain diverse and balanced gut ecosystems.

So, what do you say? It’s time to jump on the healthy gut trend and start your path toward a healthier and happier future. Here are 5 fun and delicious activities around NYC that your gut will love: 

  1. Book a Private Chef Gut-Friendly Dinner 

Who said maintaining a healthy gut can’t be luxurious? Well, now it can thanks to the Gradito private chef app. Through this app for luxury dining experiences, you can hire a private chef and treat yourself to a gut-friendly Michelin-starred dinner in the comfort of your home. 

These elite NYC chefs are all Michelin-trained and James Beard Award recipients, and have had an array of experiences all over the world. With Gradito, you can now connect with a top-ranked private chef near you that can create a customized tasting menu based on your dietary preferences. These private chefs specialize in a variety of cuisines and preparations and are highly skilled at what they do. They are sure to create a fine multi-course experience prioritizing your macrobiotic diet, and finding innovative approaches to use probiotic-rich ingredients in their dishes.

Through Gradito.com you can also find full-time chef placements if you and your gut are looking for a more permanent indulgence to help you maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle. These personal chefs understand flavor, but most importantly they know the formula to a joyous and nourishing life.

  1. Take a Kombucha Brewery Tour in Brooklyn

Here’s an idea… Why not skip the Brunch mimosas this Sunday, and trade them for a more health-conscious option? Now you can head to Brooklyn, and find a unique and immersive experience at a Kombucha Brewery Tour. With its probiotic properties and refreshing taste, kombucha is a great alternative to keep your gut in great shape. During one of these tours, you can have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of how kombucha is made and the unique health benefits it has for our bodies. While learning about the art of fermentation, you can discover how bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) can transform simple ingredients like tea and fruits and turn them into an effervescent drink that nurtures our gut health. 

With one of these tours, you can have the chance to not only learn more about the benefits of probiotics but also savor the delicious and innovative creations of these local brewers. Make sure to stop by BKE Kombucha at 310 Meserole Street, Brooklyn. With a tap house that includes an ethnobotanical drink menu, this kombucha establishment is sure to amaze you with its unique fermentation process and creative beverages. You can also check out the handcrafted, probiotic-rich, and low-calorie kombucha at Mombucha, a premium independent brewer located at 37 Box Street, Brooklyn. With a few more to choose from, you can scope out the kombucha scene in Brooklyn this weekend and treat your gut to something exciting and different.

  1. Stroll Through the Union Square Farmer’s Market

A healthy gut starts with proper nourishment and the right ingredients. Having fresh produce accessible is an essential part of maintaining good gut health, and thankfully this city has just the solution. Of course, you can stop by any fruit and vegetable cart in the city and buy your essentials at a cheaper price, but nothing beats the freshness you can find at the Union Square Farmer’s Market.

Right in the heart of Manhattan, the Union Square Farmer’s Market is a fun and accessible activity for any New Yorker looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, you can take a stroll through Union Square and find local farmers, producers, and artisans selling their fresh locally grown or produced products. Part of having a flourishing gut is consistently learning about the foods that have a positive impact on it. A great part of the Union Square Farmer’s Market is the fact that you can ask farmers and producers directly about their products, and learn about their positive health benefits. It’s a great way to meet other like-minded people who are helping create a more accessible space for food and wellness.

  1. Shop Some Local Top-Tier Kimchi

Kimchi has long been at the top of great foods for your gut. This fermented food made from cabbages, radishes, and other vegetables is rich in probiotics, antioxidants, and fiber, and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. There are many places to get your kimchi fix, but nothing compares to some freshly made and authentic Korean kimchi in the city. 

A great way to support your gut and a local NY business is stopping by Kimchi Kook’s brick-and-mortar Kate’s Kitchen in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. This family-owned business was founded with a strong emphasis on its Korean roots. They wish to bring an authentic Korean essence into the shop for customers to develop an appreciation for the culture. Here you can purchase freshly handmade kimchi, and try some of their weekend specials. You can discover new flavors with their delicious Korean dishes, and learn more about the health benefits present in Korean cuisine. 

  1. Explore NYC’s Indoor Market Scene

Leading a healthy life can require a lot of creativity. But sometimes we run out of inspiration to create new dishes and can feel stuck in the same foods. Your gut needs variety and an assortment of foods and supplements to reach its maximum potential.  That’s why another great idea that your gut will thank you for is going to explore the indoor market scenes at Chelsea Market, Essex Market, and Dekalb Market

These vibrant markets are an amazing way to seek inspiration for your gut-friendly diet. They have a variety of options and local vendors that can help you find new foods and fresh ingredients to add to your probiotic-rich lifestyle. From fresh kombucha to kiosks with fermented foods to health & wellness shops with probiotic supplements, these indoor markets are a great way to discover fun and exciting foods that can add color and flavor to your daily nutrition. 

New York City is filled with awesome activities to help you sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle for you and your gut. Check out these 5 fun activities around the city, and you’ll be sure to reap some benefits for your gut and feel renewed. It’s time to step out of your apartment and start your path toward a revitalized and healthier you.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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