Behind 7 Common Myths About Private Chefs

December 18, 2023

Did you hear? Private chefs are on the rise in New York City. From speakeasy dinners to rooftop private dining to luxury dinner parties at home, private chefs are killing the game when it comes to NYC’s food and fine dining scene. Their recent popularity has caused more curiosity about the private chef world, and exclusive dining events with private chefs have recently become one of the hardest reservations to get in the city.  People are loving this shift in fine dining, and can’t wait to book a private chef dinner or attend a unique personal chef event in NYC.

Be that as it may, we all know that more spotlight can also come with a side dish of ‘fake news’. There is still a lot of confusion regarding the job of a private chef and who has access to hire one. Here at, we like to keep our fact sin check. We’ve been hearing some myths running around concerning private chefs, but we’re here to fix that. It’s time to play a game of true or false to reveal the reality behind some of the most common misconceptions about private chefs…

1.    Private Chefs Are Only for the Rich & Famous

Answer: FALSE

First things first, private chefs are not exclusive to celebrities and high authority figures. Yes, you heard right. For some reason, people believe these culinary professionals are only for outrageously wealthy people or those who live in the public eye. The reality is quite the opposite. Although many of Gradito’s private chefs have worked for public figures such as Gael Gadot, Hillary Clinton, and Bon Jovi, these top-ranked private chefs are ready to prepare a meal for all who value high-quality dining. From busy parents with toddlers to proud workaholics, Gradito’s personal chefs are looking to simplify people’s lives with delicious Michelin-starred meals at home. They are committed to serving luxury to all who wish to enjoy their craft and will make you feel like a million bucks through their top-tier tasting menus created just for you.

2.   Finding a Private Chef Is Hard

Answer: FALSE

Maybe in the past finding the perfect chef match was a little bit daunting or could take a lot of effort. Thankfully, Gradito’s private chef app has your back. Instead of searching “hire a private chef near me”, now you can just download the Gradito personal chef app, and you’ll be able to find your private chef match in minutes. Pick your desired date and cuisine, and the rest is history. You’ll be able to look through a network of NYC’s top-rated private chefs and discover which one ranks highest for your preferences. Soon enough, you and your loved ones will savor a 5-star dinner in the comfort of your home. It doesn’t get easier than booking with Gradito’s handy private chef app.

3.   Private Chefs Can Easily Accommodate Dietary Preferences & Allergies

Answer: TRUE

Not only are they open to catering to the most specific of diets, but these elite private chefs are also excited to find creative new ways to develop personalized menus that everyone will love and enjoy safely. Besides being highly skilled chefs, these private chefs are also students of their craft every single day. They will stop at nothing to create an exciting full-course menu that encaptures bold flavors and also hones your specific dietary preferences. They are constantly learning how to make fine dining available to everyone, and finding ways to treat allergies and dietary preferences as a chance to experiment rather than an obstacle.

4.   All Private Chefs Have Formal Culinary Training

Answer: FALSE

Personal chefs have a variety of backgrounds regarding their culinary training. Many inherited their passion for cooking from a loved one, some began working at a restaurant at a very young age, and some spent countless years training at the most prestigious restaurants in the world. Although not all private chefs have extensive culinary training and education, the private chefs at Gradito do. Every private chef here brings their love and unique story to their craft and trained with some of the most renowned chefs worldwide such as Thomas Keller and Tetsuya Wakuda. From learning at institutions like Le Cordon Bleu to working at Michelin restaurants such as Noma, Le Bernardin, and Disfrutar (world #2), these private chefs have had some of the most unique experiences in the food and wine industry. Their disciple and endless curiosity for flavor have led them to become some of the best personal chefs internationally.

5.    Working 24/7 for Their Clients Is the Norm

Answer: FALSE

Although there are exceptions, personal chefs work with a variety of clients. Private chefs are open to working for multiple people simultaneously and cater to their distinct needs. These culinary professionals can do anything from prep weekly meals for clients to help them host monthly dinner parties at home. is the perfect place to find a private chef that’s specific to you and your needs. From helping you find a full-time private chef placement to hosting a unique event to a luxury private chef dinner at home, you can find the private chef that’s perfect for you and your schedule.

6.  Private Chefs Aren’t Experts in Every Single Cuisine

Answer: TRUE

They might be close, but not even the wisest chef knows how to make every dish in the world. Private chefs may not be experts in every cuisine, but they’ve spent countless years trying to perfect their specialty cuisines by working in notable restaurants and traveling the globe in search of the most authentic flavors. A private chef can give you the best of what they know, but what’s great about Gradito is that you have access to a network of private chefs that are masters in a variety of cuisines. Once you choose your desired cuisine, the Gradito private chef app can match you with the highest-rated chef in that specific cuisine. All in all, trying every single cuisine in the comfort of your home isn’t that far-fetched thanks to Gradito’s talented team of Michelin-trained private chefs.


7.    Private Chefs Always Improvise Their Way Through a Dish

Answer: FALSE

Improvisation is an essential part of working as a private chef. They must be open to discovering new flavor combinations, and tackling obstacles in the kitchen as they arise. However, serious planning and organization are the #1 priority when prepping for a client’s menu. Sometimes improvising gets the job done, but the best private chefs know they can’t rely on simply winging it to impress their clients. The best-improvised flavors happen within structure, and Gradito's personal chefs hold themselves and their kitchen to a high standard to create masterful dishes with careful thought and attention behind them.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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