Behind Gradito's Blue Aprons of Excellence

December 18, 2023

A Gradito private chef’s blue apron is much more than a uniform. It’s a symbol of their high caliber as chefs and the unparalleled excellence of their culinary craft. It represents all the hard work and years of training these private chefs have gone through to get to where they are today. And it just so happens that they are more than ready to share their knowledge and love for cooking with you through Gradito. 

Whether you’re booking a luxury private chef dining experience or finding a full-time private chef placement, Gradito guarantees a selection of top-ranked NYC private chefs at your fingertips. Gradito’s private chefs are…

1. Vetted & Insured

The blue apron fits a certain few… the few who demonstrate a distinctive discipline, commitment, and excitement when it comes to food and hospitality. That’s why Gradito is determined to find the best private chefs in NYC to bring people’s gourmet visions to life. These private chefs go through a thorough screening process to bring Gradito clients the very best luxury private dining has to offer. Gradito connects its clients with insured and trusted talent that is sure to bring a feeling of warmth and joy to their homes or events.

2. Michelin-Trained

When you hire a private chef through Gradito, you’re booking one of the most exclusive reservations in the city. You’ll not only receive a first-class dining experience in the comfort of your home, but you’ll also get a first-hand look and taste of what the leading chefs of today are creating in the most VIP of restaurants. Gradito’s elite private chefs have had the opportunity to work in the kitchens of some of the most acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide. Not only that, but they’ve also had the privilege to work and learn with the world’s top chefs such as renowned chef Thomas Keller, Ignacio Mattos, and Chef Bo Bech

A few of the prestigious Michelin restaurants Gradito private chefs have worked at: 

- Per Se - New York, USA (Three Michelin Stars)

- Eleven Madison Park - New York, USA (Three Michelin Stars)

- Alinea - Chicago, USA (Three Michelin Stars)

- Marea - New York, USA (Two Michelin Stars)

- Oxalis - New York, USA (One Michelin Star)

- Günter Seeger - New York, USA (One Michelin Star)

3. James Beard Award Recipients

Apart from working at some of the most notorious Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe, these private chefs have also been recognized for their unmatched talent and achievement in the culinary arts. Most of Gradito’s private chefs are James Beard Award recipients or have worked in award-winning restaurants. Besides knowing their stuff in the kitchen, they have a passion for food that goes beyond that. They are committed to using their culinary craft to find the best solutions for problems in their communities and worldwide. Gradito’s personal chefs are devoted to supporting the well-being of people and the planet through sustainability efforts and an overall improved global food system.

4. From All Over the World

Gradito’s private chef experiences aim to capture food and dining through a global perspective of flavor. The Gradito team of top-tier personal chefs is composed of talented individuals from all over the world. They seek to translate their unique backgrounds into their innovative dishes. In this manner, clients can not only learn about new flavor profiles but also get to know a little more about their chef as an individual and culinary artist. These personal chefs express themselves through their cooking and wish to share their origin stories and lived experiences through the dishes on their clients’ dinner tables. 

5. Experts in Every Cuisine You Can Imagine

Since these personal chefs come from all corners of the world, Gradito is a convenient culinary destination where you can find every cuisine you can imagine. Hiring a private chef through Gradito means you’re booking an exclusive dinner with one of the top experts in your desired cuisine. From Hokkaido to Basque cuisine, you can book a trip to the country of your choice through the authentic flavors these private chefs are highly skilled at creating.

So, you want to meet the people in the blue aprons? Here’s a sneak peek of some of the dedicated individuals that make up Gradito’s talented team of private chefs:

Chef Sean

Acclaimed restaurants include: 

- Quique Dacosta - Dénia, Spain (Three Michelin Stars)

- Disfrutar - Barcelona, Spain (Two Michelin Stars)

- Shirosaka - Tokyo, Japan (One Michelin Star & World’s 50 Best Restaurant list)

- Senses - Warsaw, Poland (One Michelin Star) *Chef Sean managed Senses for 18 months

- Grup Herminda - El Port de la Selva, Spain (One Michelin Star)

- Bouchon by Thomas Keller - Nevada, USA (One Michelin Star)

- Tetsuya’s - Sydney, Australia (World’s 50 Best Restaurant list)

- Quay - Sydney, Australia

Chef Will

  • Born in Colombia with both Japanese and Colombian heritage, this private chef and consultant specialist developed a passion for quality and traditional cuisine at a young age
  • Graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, and continued to work with some of the most renowned chefs and restauranteurs in the world
  • 15+ years of experience in the restaurant industry specializing in a variety of cuisines and business categories 

Acclaimed restaurants include: 

- Azurmendi - Bilbao, Spain (Three Michelin Stars)

- Noma - Copenhagen, Denmark (Three Michelin Stars & World’s 50 Best Restaurant list)

- Relae - Copenhagen, Denmark (Three Michelin Stars & World’s 50 Best Restaurant list)

- The Clocktower by Jason Atherton (One Michelin Star)

- The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges - New York, USA 

- Cafe Boulud - Florida, USA

Chef Camila

  • Originally from Brazil, this private chef left her advertising job to become one of NYC’s top-ranked chefs
  • A proud advocate of the #zerowaste movement, and is committed to finding innovative solutions to turn food scraps into extraordinary dishes to help reduce food waste worldwide
  • Committed to helping others prioritize cooking instead of ordering out as a means to support sustainability efforts
  • Established a seasonal restaurant in Maine, USA focused on American cuisine and seafood with a Brazilian twist, which utilizes local and seasonal ingredients and emphasizes zero waste

Acclaimed restaurants include: 

- Estela - New York, USA (One Michelin Star)

- Olmstead - New York, USA

- Manhattan - New York, USA

Chef Daniel

  • An Australian chef hailing from Launceston, Tasmania committed to culinary excellence 
  • U.S. winner of the 2022/2023 San Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Competition
  • Currently holds the distinguished position of head chef at the Michelin-starred Evett in Seoul, South Korea
  • Passionate about creating unique menus using local and all-natural ingredients to highlight the beauty of the ingredients as well as showcase their full potential

Acclaimed restaurants include: 

- Kadeau - Copenhagen, Denmark (Two Michelin Stars)

- Evett - Seoul, Korea (One Michelin Star)

- Sixpenny - Sydney, Australia

- Firedoor - Sydney, Australia

- Silvereye - Sydney, Australia

Chef Tomo

  • Over 15 years of professional experience specializing in authentic Japanese, French, and Italian cuisines
  • Studied at Raw Food Living Light Culinary Art Institute in California, staged for Master Chef Shigeaki Nakanishi (primary chef to the Japanese Imperial Family), and graduated top of her class at The International Culinary Institute in New York City
  • Expert in a variety of organic and classic food preparation from fine multi-course experiences to vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, kosher, gluten-free, and raw food diets

Acclaimed restaurants include: 

- Le Bernardin - New York, USA (Three Michelin Stars)

- Karasawa Kousen - Nagano, Japan 

- Sani Musume Restaurant - Osaka, Japan

So, next time you see a Gradito blue apron, take a moment to acknowledge the hardworking individuals that are wearing it… and feel free to ask them about the experiences they’ve gained thus far. We’re sure they’ll have many stories and accompanying flavors to share.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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