Everything You Need in Your Kitchen in 2024

December 18, 2023

Here at Gradito.com, we consider the kitchen to be a sacred place. It’s where food becomes art, and where delicious aromas turn into cherished memories with loved ones. Our trusted team of Michelin-trained private chefs have spent countless hours in kitchens worldwide and know the magic that can surface in the counters of a kitchen. Gradito’s top-tier private chefs know that to create such culinary magic, every kitchen needs the right instruments to give life to an unforgettable orchestra of flavors. These elite private chefs have their favorite essential kitchen gadgets to not only run a tight kitchen but also make the most exquisite dishes for their clients. 

Even if you’re just starting to develop your culinary skills, having the right tools in your kitchen is key to successfully prepping your recipes and inventions. Whether you’re an aspiring Michelin chef or a cooking aficionado, keeping up to date with the most specialized and advanced kitchen gadgets is a great way to continue challenging your culinary knowledge. 

So, are you ready to elevate your cooking skills to the next level of precision and creativity? Here you’ll find the top cooking gadgets of 2023 you need in your kitchen and the best local spots in NYC to buy them:

  1. Sous Vide Precision Cooker
  • Want to prepare a perfectly cooked steak without all the hassle? This precision cooking is a kitchen essential if you’re looking to cook your food to perfection in a vacuum-sealed bag or “sous vide.” By immersing the device at a precise temperature, it then circulates the water for even cooking, leaving you with restaurant-quality results.
  • Benefits: 
  • Great for achieving consistent and top-tier results
  • Helps avoid overcooking quality meats and produce
  • Saves time by enabling you to prepare ingredients before entertaining guests
  • Hands-off cooking experience
  • Expert Tip:  Ensure any bag you use for sous vide is heat friendly. 
  • Gradito’s Picks:

  1. Mandoline Slicer
  • Presentation is crucial in any kitchen. That’s why a mandoline slicer is a Gradito private chef favorite when slicing vegetables, grating cheese, and making any other decorative garnishes. If you want to achieve a Michelin-quality presentation, look no further. 
  • Benefits: 
  • Great for when preparing large quantities of sliced fruits and vegetables
  • Useful for cut versatility (julienne, waffle, crinkle cut, etc.)
  • Slicing efficiency reduces ingredient waste
  • Expert Tip: Use a cut-resistant glove on the hand that holds the food to avoid any accidents.
  • Gradito’s Picks:

  1. Japanese Chef’s Knife
  • No chef, or even home cook, is complete without their Japanese or “gyuto” knife. From slicing sashimi to chopping herbs, these ultra-sharp knives provide a precise and clean cut like no other.
  • Benefits: 
  • A thin and narrow blade allows for smooth and effortless slicing and chopping
  • Available in a variety of different blade profiles specialized for specific tasks
  • Stay sharp for longer due to their high-quality steel and precise heat treatments
  • Expert Tip: Invest time in learning and practicing proper knife techniques to maximize knife performance.
  • Gradito’s Picks:

  1. Pasta Maker
  • What’s better than pasta? Fresh pasta cooked from scratch, of course. Having a pasta maker is a simple and easy way to experiment in the kitchen while using high-quality ingredients that will give you unmatched flavors and textures. Not to mention, homemade pasta is cheaper and healthier than their store-bought pasta alternative. 
  • Benefits: 
  • Customize pasta thickness and shape to suit you and your preferences 
  • Explore a wide variety of shapes like spaghetti, orecchiette, farfalle, etc., and expand your culinary repertoire
  • Complete control of the quality of ingredients to ensure dietary restrictions are met
  • Expert Tip: The perfect dough starts with measuring your ingredients as accurately as possible.
  • Gradito’s Picks:

  1. Food Dehydrator
  • A food dehydrator is the perfect tool to preserve an ingredient’s nutrients and shelf life, all while helping reduce food waste. Find out the unique culinary possibilities in just one ingredient by adding a food dehydrator to your cookware collection. 
  • Benefits: 
  • Extends shelf life of fresh produce and, thus, promotes #zerowaste
  • Creates concentrated flavors and unique textures
  • Helps preserve the nutritional benefits of your fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Expert Tip: Pay attention to thickness and size when cutting ingredients that will be dehydrated. For best results, slice ingredients precisely with the help of a mandolin slicer before using your food dehydrator for ultimate consistency.
  • Gradito’s Picks:
  1. Electric Smoker
  • Want to add smoky cherry oak notes to your food, but don’t want to go through the hassle of lighting charcoal or wood? An electric smoker is the perfect solution for any chef or home cook looking to add another dimension of flavor to their dishes.
  • Benefits: 
  • Requires minimal cleanup without excessive ash or grease
  • Full control of the intensity and flavor of the smoke, allowing for experimentation with different smoke profiles
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Expert Tip: Pre-season your smoker before using it for the first time. Not only will it help add a depth of flavor to whatever you’re cooking, but it will also remove any residue from the manufacturing process before cooking your food. 
  • Gradito’s Picks:

  1. Chinois Strainer
  • When you want Michelin-star quality, a chinois strainer is what you need. From filtering homemade syrups to straining stocks, this kitchen tool can help you achieve the refined and high-grade product you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Benefits: 
  • Removes unnecessary inconsistencies such as seeds or impurities for professional quality presentation
  • Helps create concentrated flavors, allowing for a more profound and aromatic experience for the senses 
  • Ensures smooth and consistent textures for liquids, flours, and purees
  • Expert Tip: When straining your creation, use a ladle and gently apply pressure on the liquid to extract the maximum amount of liquid.
  • Gradito’s Picks:

Shopping Locally is Always a Good Idea

Even though Amazon is always a convenient alternative, Gradito’s private chefs are big fans of supporting local business and vendors, especially when shopping for their favorite kitchen gadgets. It’s a great way to find new products and see first-hand what new tools are taking over the market. Here below is the list of recommended places in New York City where you can find all these tools and more: 

  • Destination for upscale cookware, dining supplies, and home décor
  • Address: 306 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019
  • Phone: 212-574-8334
  • Professional kitchen supplier offering chef tools, cookware, and appliances
  • Address: 36 East 31st Street, New York, NY 10016
  • Phone: 212-683-3553
  • Premium Japanese tools with everything from chef knives to sushi set tools
  • Address: 711 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10017
  • Phone: 212-661-3333
  • Perfect stop for the finest tableware and sharpest Japanese knives in NYC
  • Address: 57 Warren Street, New York, NY 10007
  • Phone: 800-626-2172

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