Full-Time Private Chefs at Your Fingertips

December 18, 2023

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to have a full-time private chef at home, or on vacation? Hiring a full-time private chef means less work and more time to sit back and savor life’s precious moments. Just think, you could be indulging in the aromas of a Michelin-starred meal all from the comfort of your home… Or better yet, not have to step into the kitchen during your family’s beachside vacation. Not only will a full-time private chef save you time, but they will also make sure you and your loved ones are enjoying the most luxurious or comforting of meals.

It can be hard to find the perfect full-time private chef, but that’s why we let the experts handle it… Now you can hire vetted, Michelin-trained private chefs in just a few clicks thanks to Gradito. Apart from building a private chef app that connects curious clients with top-ranked NYC personal chefs for an event, Gradito also acts as a private chef placement agency for clients looking for full-time personal chefs. Gradito’s private chefs are all Michelin-trained and specialize in a variety of cuisines. Not to mention they use only the finest ingredients to create the most bespoke of menus and will treat even the most sensitive dietary concerns with the utmost care. When looking for a full-time private chef placement Gradito is the best solution, and here’s why…

Only the Best of the Best

Gradito is an international community of the most prestigious and influential private chefs in today’s food world. These top-ranked NYC personal chefs are all Michelin-trained. They hail from all corners of the world and have had unique opportunities to train in Michelin restaurants across the globe. From world #2 Disfrutar in Barcelona to NYC’s Le Bernardin, to Noma in Copenhagen, these personal chefs have received world-class training from the top names in food & hospitality. 

With the knowledge they’ve gained throughout the years, Gradito’s personal chefs have developed their culinary styles and are continuously working toward perfecting their craft. Gradito’s highly selective application process ensures that you are only being offered the ‘best of the best’. By hiring a full-time private chef with Gradito, you will be experiencing top-tier culinary professionals and the very best of high-end private dining experiences. 

A Variety of Authentic Cuisines

Monica Robins, a recent Gradito client, said that a private chef placement with Gradito is “a true feast for your senses”. A full-time private chef placement through Gradito, is a gift you can give yourself to experience the unknown, as well as your most comforting of flavors, and experiment with your tastebuds on the daily. These private chefs will be able to feed your curiosity in more ways than one by giving you a taste of the world’s array of cuisines in the comfort of your home or vacation rental.

Want to learn how delicious Nikkei cuisine can be? No problem. These private chefs have you covered. These Michelin-trained private chefs are always up to date with the most harmonious of culinary fusions and are constantly transforming them into their own. Gradito’s private chefs are honing tradition and giving it a modern twist by taking classic dishes and giving them refreshing new flavors. Whether it be Hokkaido cuisine or Basque, these full-time personal chefs are highly skilled in preparing the most authentic dishes and bringing forth the most unexpected of flavors. 

Catering to the Most Distinguished of Clients

Gradito prides itself in connecting professional private chefs with the most respected of clients. Their carefully selected team of all-star private chefs are all guaranteed insured and are characterized by their unmatched level of professionalism. These elite private chefs have worked with high-profile clients such as Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Bon Jovi, and Gal Gadot to name a few. When it comes to working with esteemed figures, Gradito’s full-time personal chefs know a thing or two about exceeding expectations and presenting an unparalleled level of service.

Elevate Any and Every Stay

Wherever you find yourself, Gradito’s full-time personal chef placement service has a solution for you. These private chefs are fully equipped to travel with you and bring your gourmet dreams to life during your vacation. By hiring one of New York City’s top private chefs you get unlimited access to Michelin-quality meals right in the comfort of your summer villa or cozy winter cabin.

So, you’re looking to elevate your stay in the Hamptons? Gradito will connect you with your perfect private chef match, so you can indulge like you’ve never done before in Southampton. Thinking about escaping New York, and spending some time in Aspen? No need to worry - Gradito can match you with a full-time private chef easily, and help you create your dream vacation in just a few clicks. A full-time private chef with Gradito is the luxury you need to complete your high-end ski trip in the Colorado mountains. Thinking about vacationing in Baja California soon? Look no further. Gradito’s private chefs are ready to help you relax with an array of bright flavorful dishes made with the freshest of ingredients.

Masters of Their Craft

No matter where they are, these elite private chefs always know where to find the finest ingredients for their delicious tasting menus. They know that what makes a dish stand out is the quality of its ingredients, and so they hold the highest standard when purchasing ingredients. These private chefs are masters of their craft and will be a luxurious and wholesome help to your home or vacation stay.

It can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and even harder to do so while on vacation. That’s why a full-time private chef with Gradito will ease the stress of eating healthy, and provide diverse menus filled with heart-healthy nutrients and goodness. Not to mention, they are experts at creating personalized menus that can cater to even the most sensitive of dietary concerns. Whether you’re gluten-free, keto, or vegan, the full-time private chefs at Gradito are here to make your meals the best part of your day or vacation.  

Nothing beats Gradito when it comes to finding a full-time private chef placement. Their team of top-ranked New York City private chefs is carefully selected to cater to the most distinguished clients and deliver an unmatched level of hospitality. Dish after dish, they are setting the bar for high-end private dining experiences and are bringing permanent luxury to people’s lives with their culinary creations. Hiring a full-time private chef has never been easier thanks to Gradito.

Get in touch and let us match you with an elite, private chef.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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