Gradito: A Special Treat for Any of These 7 Occasions

December 18, 2023

When was the last time you treated yourself to something that wasn’t a pint of cookie dough ice cream? We're in a day and age where the idea of a “special treat” has lost its value, and maybe even its nominal sacredness. We crave something different from the usual, yet rarely act upon it because we seem to think it's easier to seek out what we already know. Especially in New York City’s bustling streets, it’s easy to go with the cheapest and most common thing, rather than giving yourself a chance at opulence.  Elegance and luxury take effort - an effort we apparently don’t have time for anymore. Gradito disagrees. 

We want to bring back the term “special treat” with Gradito and save you time while doing it. Gradito not only gives you the luxury you crave without the hassles, but it will also bring joy to any and every one of these events on your calendar:

       1. A New Spin on Date Night

It’s easy to fall into a routine when you're in a committed relationship, but it’s even easier to fall out of the day-to-day with Gradito. Instead of going to the restaurant three blocks down you always end up at, why not surprise your partner with a full seven course meal? We suggest you go out with the old and in with the new… Put on some Prince, get some peonies, and enjoy a Thai inspired meal in the comfort of your home. 

       2. An Anniversary to Remember

What better way to celebrate love than through memories? And what better way to celebrate memories than through food? With Gradito you can go back to your honeymoon and experience the rustic flavors of Italy once again. Gradito chefs have access to the highest grade local and imported ingredients, so you can be sure this Caccio e Pepe will taste just like, or even better than the one you had in La Toscana.

       3. The Office: Happy Hour Edition

Why not ditch the expensive office happy hour bar tabs? Let us match the excellence of your company with a high-quality meal and wine tasting experience… With bookings available for up to 12 people, you can host a close gathering with your employees to express your gratitude for their countless hours of hard work and late nights. Give your coworkers a well-deserved special treat with a taste of Gradito elegance.

       4. Wine Not, Let’s Get Married!

You always imagined you would propose to them in a vineyard… hopefully, the one you both saw on that Travel Channel special with the small villa and rare Caberlot grapes. But with work and expenses, it seems like a far-fetched idea. No worries, Gradito has the power to bring the illusion of a romantic vineyard to your house with our trusted sommeliers. There’s no way they’ll say no to a 7-course meal with wine. Our Gradito chefs and sommeliers are known for their creativity and innovativeness, so let them bring romance to the forefront of your meal.

       5. Best Dinner Party Host Award Goes To…

We want to let you in on a secret… With Gradito, you can get the credit of hosting a great dinner party without having to lift a finger. Really, we’re not kidding. Our highly skilled chefs and sommeliers take care of the menu planning, groceries, and cleaning for you. We know sometimes allergies and food preferences can be tough to accommodate, but for us it’s a breeze. Rest assured your guests, and you will all be treated like kings and queens. We take care of the event from start to finish; all we ask of you is to have another glass of wine if you wish. 

       6. Your Best Birthday Yet

You deserve to feel special - especially on your birthday! We know how stressful it can be to plan your birthday, and make sure everyone is pleased. Gradito brings your birthday wishes to life through a special menu designed just for you on your special day. Don’t worry about the logistics, we’ll handle that and make sure that you and all your guests have the best time. It’s your idea - but we make it happen, so you can actually enjoy your birthday this year.

       7. Perfectly Cooked Turkey: A Holiday Miracle

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with the holidays - and we're not talking about the pressure cookers. It can take a lot of money and time to prepare a well-rounded meal for your loved ones. Let’s not forget that the opinions don’t help. Gradito chefs and sommeliers are sure to provide a home cooked meal that will bring pure love and celebration to you and your family. And the best part is… we take care of the cleaning, so you don’t have to. Sit back and enjoy your loved ones. 

Next time you’re looking for a special treat, we got your back… Let’s revive luxury together through the joy of gourmet food and great company. 

With love and garlic, 


Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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