How To Book NYC’s Most Exclusive Omakase in 2023

December 18, 2023

In the past few years, omakase has been one of the top things to do on NYC’s “It List”. A good amount of New Yorkers run on sushi, and omakase’s traction has brought a certain level of sophistication that a lot of people in the city didn’t even know they were craving. The Japanese word ‘omakase’ directly translates into: “I leave it up to you”. Inspired by the freshest ingredients available, the chef decides what your meal of the evening will be from start to finish. New Yorkers have ever since found a love for this fun experience of being surprised with extraordinary Japanese dishes without relying on any sort of menu; however, this ever-growing soft spot for omakase comes at a price. 

With so many omakase fans to satisfy, restaurants around the city can easily make you wait three months for a reservation - one that could last you only forty-five minutes. At that point, is it even worth it to go out? Well, lucky for you, we know a place that can get you a next-day reservation, and create an omakase meal just for you. Don’t worry about having a time limit for your meal or booking a babysitter… Because you’re about to experience flavorful creativity and some of the freshest ingredients - all in the comfort of your home!


So, you’ve decided to book with Gradito… Good choice. 

[Manhattan, Downtown. 01/15/2023. 8:00pm. 2 people.]

We have your desired location, preferred date & time, and party size for your night of luxury. Now what?

At Gradito, we do things a little differently than your typical omakase. We know that although you love surprises, you like to be in control (to a certain degree, at least). After choosing your cuisine for the event, we like to ask you a few yes or no questions so that we can create the most personalized experience for you. 

Typical questions to get to know your preferences include:

Shellfish? Lots of vegetables? Something Spicy? Red Meat? Carbs? Fish? Beurre Blanc Sauce?

 Just before matching you with one of our amazing Gradito chefs, we want to make sure we’re prioritizing your needs & wants, so we can create the best night of your gourmet dreams. We understand everyone has different dietary restrictions, and we only want to elevate your omakase experience even further with the remarks you provide us. Whether you’re Keto, Plant-Based, allergic to crustaceans, or have an extreme love for scallops, Gradito has you covered.

Gradito soon pairs you with our best Japanese cuisine chef available, and you get to choose one of their menus: Classic (3-course meal), Elevated (5-course meal), or Luxury (7-course meal). We recommend their Luxury menu for omakase. And what’s more luxurious than omakase? An omakase especially created for you! You can either decide to go with the chef’s menu or customize it with them directly through our messenger within the Gradito app. With Gradito you get to take some ownership of your omakase, so you can either be surprised or let the chef know how much you love Otoro tartare - you’re guaranteed freshness either way as our premium fish is flown directly from the Toyosu Fish Market in Japan! 

 You’re almost fully booked… But first, why not experience all the luxury? By adding a sommelier to your booking, you’ll elevate your personalized omakase experience to the next level. One of our trusty sommeliers will ensure you have the best wine, sake & beer pairings for your unique omakase menu. Get ready for these spirits to bring out flavors you never thought existed on your plate before!

So, what can you expect with your booking? A taste of the divine that includes ingredients, cooking, service and washing up. You are the star of the show that night, so your chef and sommelier will arrive 90 minutes before your scheduled serving time to ensure the night runs smoothly and that you and the rest of your party are all well taken care of. 

No wait lines, no pressure to eat quickly, or reservations months from now - just love and guaranteed quality ingredients. And that’s it. You’re booked! All that’s left is for you to enjoy and savor the moment - we know we will. 

Gradito Pro Tip: When experiencing your delicious omakase meal, make sure you turn the sushi piece upside down and place the fish on your tongue. You’ll thank us later. 

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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