How to Host a Five-Star Wine Experience at Home

December 18, 2023

It’s no secret… opening a bottle of wine is a universal joy. There’s nothing better than uncorking a bottle and sharing its delicate notes with friends and family. Once you start pouring this delicious elixir into glasses, smiles will appear in every corner of the room. Soon, an orchestra of laughter and great stories will ensue. From Malbecs to Rosés to Chardonnays, we all know that wine is always a great idea for passing the time with the ones you love.  

Luckily, New York City is a great place for wine lovers. It may not be the Tuscan countryside, but hey, this city offers an array of options for everyone and every taste. NYC has fun wine experiences ranging from city wineries to wine-making classes, weekend trips, and breathtaking vineyards. And you know what else you and your wine friends can do now in New York? Have your personal wine-tasting room at home. 

What if you and your partner already took the wine trip upstate? Or you and your friends are tired of the same wine bar you go to every Tuesday night? Maybe you just need a wine cleanse… and find new go-to bottles? Well, what if the wine gods told you that now you can host a 5-star wine experience at home with the help of That’s right you can book a private chef AND a sommelier through their trusty private chef app and plan the ultimate wine-tasting experience in the comfort of your dining room.

Sounds like a plan for you and your wine buddies? If the answer is yes (which it 100% is), here’s your guide to hosting a luxurious wine-tasting party at home with Gradito’s top-ranked private chefs and elite sommeliers: 

  1. Hire the Best Private Chefs and Sommeliers 

Gradito is the destination for luxury dining experiences in New York City. They are home to some of the most notable Michelin-trained private chefs and top-ranked sommeliers in the country. So, if you’re looking to transform your dining room into NYC’s most exclusive wine cellar, follow these five easy steps to book your wine experience with Gradito:

Step #1: Visit or download the Gradito personal chef app to discover the personalized menu options Gradito offers and ideas on how to execute your wine dinner party.

Step #2: No wine-tasting is complete without a full-course dinner menu designed by a Michelin-trained personal chef. Once you provide Gradito with your event details and number of guests, we will match you with the highest-rated private chef near you that aligns with your desired cuisine and dietary preferences. 

Step #3: Quality is always a priority at Gradito. You will then have to choose between a classic (three-course), elevated (five-course), or luxury (seven-course) menu, and customize it with your personal chef with your unique preferences.

Step #4: As soon as your personalized menu is set, Gradito will match you with one of their elite sommeliers, who will create a luxury wine-tasting menu to specifically complement your private chef’s dishes for your event. The art of pairing food and wine is one of Gradito’s specialties. 

Step #5: As soon as you hire a private chef and sommelier with Gradito, your event is ready to go for your requested date and time. On the day of the event, expect an early arrival from your private chef and sommelier with all the necessary groceries for your wine dinner party. *Not to mention, if you book an event with 10 guests or more, Gradito will provide you with a server free of charge. * 

By hiring NYC’s best private chefs and sommeliers for your wine night at home, you will:

  • Learn the basics of food and wine pairing with top-ranked sommeliers and private chefs from all over the world
  • Discover rare and specialty wines catered to your unique palate with NYC’s top wine experts
  • Immerse yourself in the language of wine and the many ways to describe a single bottle from its notes to its body to its tannin
  • Experience Michelin-quality food and wine service without having to leave your doorstep
  • Host a 5-star wine gathering with friends without having to worry about buying groceries, preparing food, or cleaning up afterward

  1. Find the Perfect Tablescape


You’ll soon be enjoying some of the finest wines and exquisite dishes you’ve ever tasted. Your private chef and sommelier will transport you to a Michelin-starred restaurant from start to finish, but that doesn’t mean your dinner table shouldn’t also play the part.

Once your booking with Gradito is complete, it’s time for you to find the perfect tablescape for your personal wine-tasting room. From minimalist chic to coastal vibes to rustic Italian charm, here are Gradito’s top picks for curated tablescape rentals for your wine and dine event:

Every one of these shops has beautiful collections perfect for any and every ambiance you’re looking to create for your private wine event with a sommelier. They offer tablescape rental packages for every occasion and are curated to make your dining table look great while making your life easier. If you follow this guide, we guarantee hosting will feel like a breeze from now on.

  1. Rent the Most Elegant Glassware

Most of us already own a collection of glassware, but if you’re already going all out, why not splurge on a little something extra for you and your friends to enjoy? You’ll want to find sophisticated glassware suitable for the unique wines you will soon indulge in but that will also accentuate your tablescape in the best way possible. 

Some of the online shops mentioned above already include wine glasses in their tablescape kits. That doesn’t mean you can’t go online and find elegant glassware that will exceed your friends’ expectations. Better yet, you can take a trip to your local vintage stores and see what gems you can find that will bring your wine party to life. And, of course, if you need any tips or recommendations on where to find the most exclusive glassware, make sure to contact your Gradito sommelier before your event.


This guide makes hosting a 5-star wine experience at home simple. Treating your friends to a ‘night in’ with some of the world’s finest wines is a priceless experience you’ll remember for years to come. Not only will you enjoy top-tier gastronomy curated for your group’s tastebuds, but you will also immerse yourself in the art of pairing food and wine. You’ll unlock the hidden flavors in food through different wine profiles and learn from some of NYC’s most knowledgeable wine experts. 

By hosting a private wine tasting with Gradito, you can transport yourself and your friends to the wine country of your dreams without leaving your Upper East Side apartment. From renting the perfect tablescape to enjoying the company of a personal sommelier at home, you and your friends will make wine tasting at home a monthly activity. Get ready to indulge in a night of luxury, and experience firsthand one of the best wine resources you could ever have with Gradito. Cheers!

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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