Luxury Private Chefs on the Go

December 18, 2023

There is something about going on vacation that brings automatic bliss. You trade the hustle of everyday life for some much-deserved relaxation with the ones you love. Of course, you have to plan some things ahead of time, but once you’re there, you can expect to leave your worries behind and enjoy the present moment. As soon as you're on vacation time, you should forget about lifting a single finger… especially in the kitchen. That’s why hiring a private chef on vacation is the best idea to take advantage of your time away from home.

Why not take your vacation to the next level with a private chef just for you? Whether it's a weekend with the girls, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway, is the perfect place to find a private chef placement for your escape. With a trusted team of vetted and insured talent, Gradito can help you hire a "private chef on the go" ideal for your vacation needs.  

Find Your Private Chef Match

With Gradito, you can find the perfect private chef match for your vacation based on you and your group’s special requests. and Gradito’s private chef app work with a unique algorithm to match clients’ needs and food preferences with the highest-rated private chef. It’s like Tinder, but for food! By asking you a series of questions and getting to know your palate and vacation plans, Gradito can help you find a top-ranked private chef who will exceed your trip expectations. Your private chef match will then take all the information you provided to customize your vacation menus and overall ‘on the go’ dining experience.

And did we mention that all of Gradito’s private chefs are Michelin-trained? That’s right, expect nothing but luxury when you book a personal chef with Gradito. Besides savoring Michelin-quality dishes throughout your trip, you’ll experience the exceptional service of dining with a Michelin-star private chef. These ‘chefs on the go’ have all trained in reputable Michelin-starred restaurants and know a thing or two about making people feel like a million bucks.


How Does a Private Chef on the Go Work?

Once you hire a private chef for your vacation, you can rest easy knowing your Gradito personal chef has your back. Depending on your schedule, your private chef will arrange the necessary logistics to ensure that everything is ready for your upcoming vacation of fun and relaxation. When they reach your vacation destination, they will scout grocery stores and produce markets to find the best quality products around town. You can cross grocery shopping off your to-do list. Not only will they shop for the freshest ingredients for your customized menus, but they will also bring the finest equipment to prepare your food. Get ready for this! They are responsible for cleaning up after each meal; you won’t have to do a single dish during your vacation!

Besides making your vacation as easy and stress-free as possible, these top-ranked private chefs are skilled at creating menus unique to your requests and tastebuds. You can choose the type of cuisine you’d like served, the ingredients you’d like to use, and even the atmosphere you want to create for you and your group. Based on your preferences and what you discussed, these elite chefs will create delicious menus unique to your vacation crew. Whether you’re looking for a romantic candle-lit dinner for two, a family-style meal, or a casual BBQ, your private chef can make it happen. These personal chefs are here to please you, so ask for anything you might be craving or want to try. A great advantage to having a personal chef on vacation is that they are highly skilled at accommodating dietary restrictions and allergies. From gluten-free to keto to vegan options, your vacation private chef can prepare fun dishes that all of you will love and enjoy safely.

Lastly, one of the best parts of having a ‘private chef on the go’ is that you get to determine your dining schedule. Enjoy a luxury breakfast with mimosas served at 10 a.m., a refreshing poolside lunch at 2 p.m., and a decadent steak dinner at 8 p.m. Whatever your taste buds are looking for, a private chef will deliver and more. Gradito is all about bringing people together through the joy of food and introducing them to new worlds of flavor. From creative meals to offering daily personalized service, you and your friends and family will have an unforgettable experience.


How Much Does a Private Chef on Vacation Cost?

 Hiring a private chef on vacation is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your trip. The cost of hiring a private vacation chef varies from client to client and is dependent on a few factors: number of people, location of the vacation, lodging, and stay duration.

You’ll first want to consider the number of guests you’ll host. Gradito private chefs charge a specific amount per person for every event they book, so you can expect to pay a set fee foreach person on the trip. Next up, you’ll have to bear in mind the destination for your vacation and the costs that come with it. Booking a ‘private chef on the go’ means you’ll also cover their travel and lodging expenses. And let’s not forget that the duration of the contract will also affect the overall cost of hiring a private chef for your vacation. Regarding grocery shopping and cooking costs, offers clients a cost breakdown with no hidden fees in the initial booking. For more information, you can schedule a video call consultation or send a message directly to the Gradito team.


A Luxury Worth the Investment

A private chef can be a great addition to a romantic getaway, family trip, or even a weekend with friends. Whether you’re soaking up the sun at a villa or enjoying the peaceful countryside, these private chefs will bring the luxury of Gradito’s fine dining experiences to every day on your vacation. From customized menus to grocery shopping to cleaning up after meals, a private chef can help you maximize your relaxation during your trip.

Trust us, nothing tops having someone cook delicious and nutritious meals for you and your loved ones from sunrise to sundown. It’s always time to enjoy the finer things in life, so why not hire a private chef for your vacation today? By booking a private chef placement with Gradito, you’ll treat your loved ones to the ultimate vacation they deserve.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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