NYC’s Coolest Venues for Your Next Event

December 18, 2023

Looking to plan your next big event? 

We've asked Gradito’s private chefs for the best recommendations for unique spaces around NYC, and this is what they came up with. From large-scale venues for up to 100 guests to intimate private dining rooms, here are some of the coolest venues for your next gathering.

A city that never sleeps needs to have an array of spaces that capture its vibrancy and bustling streets. That’s why New York City is the place to find some of the most fun and unparalleled event venues in the world. From weddings to large corporate events, this city caters to every taste with its variety of eclectic spaces. It just so happens that Gradito’s team of vetted Michelin chefs know the top event spaces for large-scale dining events.

Although prides itself in offering private dining experiences at home, these top-ranked Michelin private chefs are also available for big occasions. Gradito’s elite personal chefs have years of experience seeking out NYC event spaces that not only provide a beautiful setting for any event but also offer top-tier facilities to create the ultimate dining experience. 

From lavish event venues to more intimate dining rooms, these personal chefs know a thing or two about which are the best spaces for rent in NYC for an unforgettable time. Whether you’re planning a gala, your company’s 50th anniversary, or a launch party, here are some of the coolest event venues and party space rentals in NYC recommended by Gradito’s top private chefs:


                                                                                           “This HAUS is your house”


Instagram: @cstmhaus

Contact: (877) 278-6428

Location: 675 Hudson Street #3S, New York, NY 10014

Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am-6:00 pm / Saturday & Sunday Private Events Only

Capacity: 100 guests

Atmosphere: Sophisticated lounge for coworking and contemporary setting for artistic and high-profile events 

  • Recommended for groups interested in a chic backdrop perfect for hosting large-scale events and celebrating in style.
  • Stylishly located in the iconic cobblestone corner of the Meatpacking District on the fourth floor of the “little flatiron building” with multiple entrances, including two speakeasy entries.
  • Custom-built and fully-equipped kitchen surrounded by modern furniture and finishes, including a dramatic customizable Restoration Hardware table.  
  • Accommodates up to 100 guests
  • Offers a coworking space by day and private event space by night. Saturdays and Sundays are only for private events.
  • Multiple dining & catering options available:

                   -Book a Michelin-trained private chef → $180* per guest

                   -Select from a menu of canapés → $100* per guest

                   -Enjoy a family-style buffet or variety of shared platters → $60* per guest

*Starting price.

  • Perfect for co-working, exhibitions, art installations, weddings, large private events, private chef dinners, and cocktail parties.

  1. Chef’s Dinner Table
 A well-lit kitchen featuring a sleek bar counter and modern stools.
 Image source: Chef’s Dinner Table

                    “A home away from home for professional chefs and entertaining enthusiasts to cook, learn, entertain, and celebrate”.


Instagram: @chefsdinnertablenyc

Contact: (212) 431-3468 

Location: 132 Mulberry Street, No. 502, New York, NY 10013 

Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00 am-12:00 am 

Capacity: Seated - 26 guests / Standing - 40 guests 

Atmosphere: Private setting with a touch of elegant comfort 

  • Recommended for culinary aficionados looking to experience a more intimate fine-dining experience with a fun and charismatic group of people.
  • Open layout with a state-of-the-art fully-equipped kitchen and bar space.
  • Available for rental with staff and decorated space or raw space only.
  • Accommodates a sit-down dinner for a maximum of 26 guests, a standing cocktail reception for 40 guests, or a theater-style seating arrangement for larger group meetings.
  • Offers option of an in-house private chef or alternative of booking your own Michelin private chef through outside service such as
  • Dining price is subject to event size:

                     -20 people or more → $295* per guest All-Inclusive Dinner Party

                     -14 to 20 people → $325* per guest All-Inclusive Dinner Party

                     -6 to 13 people → $375 to $695 per guest All-Inclusive Dinner Party

*Final price is dependent on the number of courses, serving style, wine service, and specialty ingredients requested.

  • Perfect for media events, dinner parties, micro-weddings, team-building events, cocktail parties, video/photo shoots, business meetings, and wine & spirit tastings.
  • Hosts an exclusive fine-dining club Chef’s Dinner Series, which features renowned chefs from all over the country. These top-tier chefs are invited to prepare multi-course menus with wine pairings for the enjoyment of their selective guest list.  

  1. Lee’s Private Dining Room
A well-appointed restaurant showcasing a sizable mirror and tastefully arranged plants.
  Image source: Lee’s Private Dining Room

                                           “A full service, turn-key private dining experience in a beautiful dedicated loft space” 


Instagram: @leesoncanal


Location: 175 Canal Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10002

Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 pm- 12:00 am

Capacity: Seated - 45 guests / Standing - 90 guests

Atmosphere: Eccentric loft in the heart of Chinatown with an inviting minimalist décor 

  • Recommended for groups looking for a modern yet low-key space to create a vibrant ambiance of great food and exceptional entertainment.
  • Spacious and fully-stocked kitchen and a bar on the third floor.
  • Offers clients the option to use Lee’s catering, staffing, and florist services, or book a private chef, wine service, and flower arrangements separately. 
  • Accommodates 45 seated guests and 90 standing guests.
  • Space rental price starts at $350.00 hourly and $3,600 for a full day.
  • Perfect for seated dinners, cocktail parties, company events, weddings, baby showers, luxury private dining experiences, and wine tastings.

From corporate event spaces to small party venues to large-scale dining rooms, Gradito’s private chefs know the best places in NYC to celebrate and experience the joy of food and wine. If you want to create an unforgettable event, contact Gradito at to find your perfect private chef match for your big occasion. After you book your desired event space or private dining room, can offer you a private-chef quote for your chosen dining venue and help you devise the perfect personalized menu for you and your guests. No event is complete without a trusted team of private chefs from to cater exciting flavors for all to enjoy.

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