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December 18, 2023

There's a lot of work that goes into becoming an elite private chef. From maintaining a top-tier recipe collection to managing clients’ personalized diets to prioritizing their organization in and out of the kitchen, personal chefs are always thinking on their feet (literally) and being thrown new challenges every single day. They are constantly finding ways to test their culinary knowledge and improve their cooking skills to be ready for whatever their client asks of them. 

Private chefs have to be able to adapt easily and discover creative ways to make bespoke versions of their dishes. Clients typically have specialized diets, a few might want the same dish every day and others may enjoy surprises when it comes to their food. Whatever it may be, fulfilling their client’s needs and exceeding their expectations is an essential part of being a full-time private chef.

Although they are the masters of their menus, private chefs need to be prepared and well-equipped to cater to what their clients want. No matter how many years of training they’ve had and in how many Michelin Star restaurants they’ve worked, a private chef should consistently keep their techniques well honed. Not only will continuing education allow fr them to keep their creativity sharp, but it will also allow them to introduce new flavors, while still abiding by their client's dietary preferences. However, it can be difficult to fulfill a client’s wishes, especially in a short amount of time. But it doesn’t have to be… 

The new online platform for luxury private dining experiences, Gradito, offers private chefs the opportunity to impress their distinguished clients through a private chef education service. Gradito is a community of internationally acclaimed Michelin-trained private chefs, who wish to share their knowledge and love of food with their clients as well as with emerging, young private chefs. Besides offering full-time private chef placements and high-end dining experiences at home through their Gradito ‘hire a chef’ app, they are now offering ‘private chef bootcamps’. 

It all started this past December 2022, after a call from an old client who had moved. Gradito’s Co-Founder, Chef Sean Kommer teamed up with Chef Karoline in Palm Beach, Florida to execute Gradito's first official ‘private chef boot camp’. Chef Kommer wanted to create a space where private chefs could refine their culinary skill sets, and review techniques and cooking methods tailored to their client’s wishes. With over fifteen years of experience in Michelin-Star restaurants and as a private chef, Chef Sean Kommer is a true master of his craft and favors helping others refine their skill sets and learn about new ways to look at ingredients and flavor profiles. He has worked in the world’s #2 restaurant, Disfrutar in Barcelona, among many other renowned Michelin restaurants such as Thomas Keller’s Bouchon in Las Vegas (1 Michelin star) and Quique Dacosta in Dénia, Spain (3 Michelin stars). Chef Kommer has had the privilege to learn from the world’s top culinary professionals, and through the lens of Gradito, he now wishes to share his diverse cooking experiences so others can fine-tune their culinary expertise for their clients.

In the same fashion, Chef Karoline, seeks to help culinary professionals develop a keen understanding of what it means to create high-end dishes that prioritize their clients. Chef Cerqueira specializes in creating gourmet meals for her clients that incorporate their specific dietary restrictions, allergies, intolerances, or health preferences. Over the years, she has developed an impressive clientele in New York City and the Hamptons and is an expert in healing chronic illnesses through food. Chef Cerqueira’s ability to understand people through food matched with Chef Kommer’s knowledge about how ingredients, technique, and flavors, made them the perfect dynamic duo to hold the first of Gradito's ‘private chef bootcamp’.

How It Works

Gradito partners with educators and administrators with over 30 years in public and private education space. Their elite, NYC private chefs are offering this private chef continuing education service to any client whose personal chef who is interested in a rigorous and hands-on culinary intensive. Gradito offers a bespoke private chef training service specifically based on the needs of the client. Personal chefs can expect to receive well-rounded training and feel fully equipped to carry out their client’s demands.

In these two-week-long 'chef bootcamps', a Gradito top-ranked private chef works one-on-one with a personal chef to review the recipes which their client would like to be executed. Gradito’s Michelin-starred chefs create a curriculum that is tailored to the results of the food and focus on technique education for the private chefs of the clients. 

During these private chef training courses, personal chefs have the opportunity to experience a valuable learning environment where they can work under the careful guidance of some of NYC’s most experienced private chefs. 

What are the Benefits?

  • Expand Your Culinary Repertoire: This private chef workshop is the perfect opportunity for a personal chef to become experienced with a variety of cuisines and expand their repertoire of notable recipes, wherever you are.
  • Perfect Recipes for Your Client: By going over the specific recipes they want to execute for their clients, private chefs who train with Gradito will have the unique chance to practice and even perfect their dishes before plating them on their clients’ dinner tables.
  • Receive a Customized Curriculum: Gradito will make sure to create a personalized curriculum to the personal chef and their client’s needs that will not only prioritize their recipe portfolio, but will also target their weaknesses, and help them turn them into strengths. 
  • Individualized feedback: This personal chef master class is the perfect way to receive individualized feedback and make sure these personal chefs are staying on top of their game. 


Gradito’s private chef education service is for the polished chef looking to challenge themselves in more ways than one. Maybe you’re a personal chef and want to impress your new client... Or perhaps you’re a client who wants their personal chef to practice a little before stepping into your kitchen? Whatever the reason, Gradito’s private chef intensives are an invaluable opportunity for private chefs wanting to refine their skills and figure out how to best prioritize their client’s needs within their menus. 

With these incredibly thorough one-on-one culinary training sessions, private chefs can enter their clients’ kitchens feeling extra confident in their crafts and more than ready to execute their specialized menus. No matter their clients’ wishes, after undergoing one of Gradito’s ‘private chef bootcamps’, personal chefs will be sure to impress their clients with their perfected recipe portfolio. It’s time to exercise your skills and see what unknown flavors and creations you and your client can discover with Gradito.

Get in touch to organize a bespoke curriculum for you or your private chef, based on your preferences. Anywhere in the USA.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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