The Rise of Private Chefs in NYC

December 18, 2023

It’s no secret that private chefs are taking over the fine dining scene in NYC. In recent years, not only have we seen a mass shift in perception toward food, but also an emergence of unique dining experiences around the city. Individuals are now more than ever interested in quality and sustainability when it comes to their food, and NYC private chefs are serving up sustainable meals with unique flavors and the finest ingredients. With their unmatched skill sets and bold creations, elite personal chefs around the city are giving fine dining a whole new meaning with their out-of-the-box dining experiences. 

Personal chefs in NYC are offering some of the most personalized and elevated culinary experiences in the country, and are showing us how private chefs are more accessible than ever. There’s this tendency to think that personal chefs at home are only for celebrities or high-profile figures; however, having a chef cook at your house or a private chef dinner at an exclusive rooftop is now easy for everyone. 'Flavor' should be accessible to all, and NYC private chefs want every guest to feel extra special at their dinner table. 

This recent accessibility to complex flavors means New Yorkers have become even more curious about their food and are craving exciting gastronomic opportunities. With the rise of food influencers in social media and this global trend of “clean eating”, not only have many of us prioritized healthy food choices, but we’ve also developed sophisticated palates interested in novel dishes. With its vibrant food culture and diverse population, New York City is the perfect place for these private chefs to offer their unique tasting menus for those of us craving new flavors and dining concepts. From luxury private chef experiences at home to speakeasy dinners to private chef influencers, personal chefs are the latest attraction in the NYC dining world. 

Here’s an insider look at the private chefs who are taking the lead in NYC’s private fine dining scene as well as some of the most unique private dining opportunities available in the city…

A Michelin Experience at Home


There’s a recent high demand for personalized dining experiences in NYC, and that’s where the personal chefs at Gradito come in. We all love a Michelin-starred restaurant, but have you ever had a Michelin experience at home? The Gradito private chef app is “opening the door to delicious and exclusive experiences”, and we should be running through that door. Just kidding! There’s no need to run because these private chefs are bringing the Michelin stars straight to people’s doorsteps.

Gradito is personalized and delectable convenience in one handy private chef app available in NYC and the Hamptons. With just a few clicks, this ‘hire a private chef’ app connects curious clients with elite private chefs versed in a variety of cuisines. Gradito’s Michelin-trained personal chefs come from all across the globe and have trained in some of the most prestigious Michelin restaurants worldwide. They are taking what they’ve learned at top-tier restaurants like Disfrutar (World #2) and Le Bernardin and are creating some of the most luxurious private dining experiences in the comfort of clients’ homes. 

Once clients find their private chef match in the Gradito personal chef app, they can choose a chef’s seasonal menu or design a customized menu with them based on their dietary preferences. Whatever full-course menu they decide on, Gradito guarantees a private chef dinner party like no other. From creating classic, elevated, or luxury tasting menus to shopping for the finest ingredients to using the latest cooking techniques, these personal chefs are setting the bar for private chef home experiences. But wait! There’s more… Clients also have the option to add a Gradito sommelier to their booking through this private chef app. If a personal chef at home isn’t luxurious enough for you, a top-tier NYC sommelier will do just the trick. 

Culinary Creativity Served in Exclusive Locations  


NYC is known for its vibrant food scene and diverse culinary offerings, but sometimes what people are craving is exclusivity… and a night with Resident’s private chefs is exactly what they need. Picture a ‘speakeasy dinner’ with top-tier NYC chefs from Michelin restaurants at some of the most exclusive venues in the city. 

Resident wants clients to get to know the ‘who’ behind their food through interactive full-course dinner pop-ups in luxury penthouses, townhouses, and lofts around NYC. They host all of their stylish NYC dinner parties within luxury residential spaces such as Club 75 at Rockefeller Plaza and Jolie at 77 Greenwich to create an elegant and intimate atmosphere for their private chef dinners. The idea is that people should think they are attending these ‘speakeasy dinners’, where they should expect to feel like VIP guests. 

The private chefs at Resident come from all around the world and are trained in every cuisine you can imagine. From modern Mexican fare to experimental Japanese-Italian dishes, these private chefs are bringing their culinary expertise and creativity to these speakeasy events to provide clients with a private chef experience unique to that time and place. Each of their private chef dinner parties includes a five-course personal chef dinner that is specially curated for that event. By combining innovative cooking techniques and global flavors, these private chef meals are giving people the chance to enjoy an exclusive private chef experience where an elite personal chef creates and introduces their own menu to a select group of diners. 

The private chef tasting menus also include a wine pairing menu created by expert NYC sommeliers, who pair each dish thoughtfully and share the tasting notes with the group. It’s a dinner and a show, my friends. With Resident, expect nothing but luxury and class. These private chefs are creating Michelin-level dining experiences where people can connect and, at the same time, learn more about and support the booming careers of these young prestigious chefs. 

It’s All About Delicious Content

@wishbonekitchen and @thedailyspeshyl 

To have a private chef at home or a private chef at a speakeasy dinner is one thing, but to have a private chef on your phone 24/7 is another. Let’s not forget that the private chefs on Instagram and Tik Tok have greatly contributed to the rise of private chefs in NYC. Not only have they influenced this overall shift in attitude toward food and fine dining, but they have also managed to show people the day-to-day of a private chef in New York. 

With so many food influencers and private chef content creators to choose from, Meredith Hayden and Speshyl Smith are the gals to follow! These two private chefs are not only getting close up and personal with their followers about what it takes to be a private chef in NYC, but they are also promoting platforms based on positivity and love to share the art of cooking. 

With her personal brand and platform Wishbone Kitchen, private chef and recipe developer Meredith Hayden is taking her followers along for the ride through her daily happenings as a private chef in New York and the Hamptons. From collecting fresh heirloom tomatoes from her client’s garden in the Hamptons to talking about the highs and low’s that come with working as a full-time private chef, Meredith is letting viewers get a real-life taste of a day in the life of a personal chef in New York. She believes in creating wholistic and happy dishes that are as fun to make as they are to eat, and her cookbooks are proof!

In the witty The Daily Speshyl, Michelin-trained private chef Speshyl Smith is cooking up some seriously delicious personal chef dinner parties and events to showcase to her online community of over 160,000 followers. She is a Black Puerto Rican private chef whose culinary creations are inspired by her culture and her love of big flavors. She is a big proponent of wellness as well and aims for her followers to learn how to use cooking as a tool that can offer self-care and mindfulness. 

People are invested in private chefs right now, and they are more than ever interested in this content. These two private chefs are giving people full access to the 'behind the scenes' of the private chef world, and everything that a private chef job entails. Not only are they educating people about the career of a personal chef, but they are also offering transparency to all the work that goes into shaping a successful brand and business. Meredith and Speshyl are constantly inspiring people through their posts, and are teaching people the magic and hardships that come with being a private chef in NYC. At the end of the day, they both value positivity and want to connect with viewers through their platforms to offer them little moments of joy through food. 

Whether it’s through social media, exclusive venues, or in the privacy of your home, private chefs are taking NYC by storm. They are bringing innovative fine dining concepts to life and connecting with people at a human level through their passion for complex flavors. Next time you’re thinking about what to do for the evening or what to scroll on Instagram, check out the private chefs who are taking private fine dining in NYC to the next level. 

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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