The Ultimate Guide for Fall Produce

December 18, 2023

Want to know what’s in season? Here’s your perfect guide for fresh produce this Fall.

The air is getting cooler, and fewer people are tanning in Washington Square Park, which only means Fall has arrived. As we say goodbye to Summer and say hello to the new season, the city welcomes an array of fresh fruits and veggies bursting with flavors and potential. Whether you’re a seasoned private chef looking for inspiration or a home cook excited to explore seasonal ingredients, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, you’ll get an overview of the most popular fruits and veggies this season, their health benefits, and some recipe inspiration from If you’re trying to take advantage of your vegetable garden this Fall or explore your local farmer markets, this guide will provide some quick tips on what seasonal ingredients to look out for. And here’s your first insider tip from the private chefs at Gradito: If you don’t have time to garden or go to the Union Square farmer’s market, our friends at Natoora can supply fresh fruits and vegetables directly through their produce delivery app.

Now, go ahead and grab your apron. It’s time to dive into the fun flavors that make this season a culinary favorite!

Freshly baked apple pie
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

1) Apples

From grandma’s apple pie to a warm cider, apples are an Autumn timeless classic

● Best time: Late Summer to late Fall

Health Benefits:

1) Stabilizes blood sugar

2) Lowers cholesterol

3) Reduces blood pressure

4) Anti-inflammatory

5) Boosts your microbiome

6) Satisfies hunger longer

7) Helps you live longer

Fun Fact: There are over 7,500 varieties of apples grown around the world. About 2,500 of those apples are grown in the United States alone.

2) Carrots

A crunchy and lively bite that no one can resist

Best time: Early Fall

Health Benefits:

1) Promotes healthy vision

2) Helps weight management

3) Balances blood sugar

4) Lowers risk of cancer

5) Reduces risk of heart disease

6) Boosts immune system

7) Supports brain health

● Fun Fact: Carrots were originally white, not orange.

Carefully plated promagranate sandwich.
Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

3) Beets

Eating the rainbow is easy with this vibrant and

earthy root

Best time: Throughout Fall

Health Benefits:

1) Rich in essential nutrients

2) Improves digestive health

3) Anti-inflammatory

4) Has anti-cancer properties

5) Supports brain health

6) Helps balance energy-intake

7) Improves athletic performance

● Fun Fact: Beets don’t need bees to

pollinate them. They are wind-pollinated

plants, and as a result, don’t produce


4) Figs

A perfect addition to any charcuterie board this holiday season

Best time: Late Fall

Health Benefits:

1) Helps relieve constipation

2) Aids in weight loss

3) Regulates blood pressure

4) Great source of prebiotics

5) Boosts reproductive health

6) Improves heart health

7) Supports healthy bones

● Fun Fact: People thought fig trees had no flowers, but in fact, they’re hidden inside the fruit.

5) Sage

Its woodsy and fragrant aroma makes sage the ultimate Fall herb

Best time: Throughout Fall

Health Benefits:

1) High in antioxidants

2) Eases symptoms of menopause

3) Improves cognitive function

4) Used for oral health

5) Improves memory

6) Lowers risk of cancer

7) Vitamin K

● Fun Fact: Sage has natural insect-repellent properties.

An assortment of mushrooms
Photo by Thanh Soledas on Unsplash

6) Mushrooms

From shiitake to oyster mushrooms, get creative with the rich umami flavor of these delicacies

● Best time: Late-Summer to Mid-Fall

Health Benefits:

1) Reduces risk of cancer

2) Lowers cholesterol

3) Regulates sodium levels

4) Protects brain health

5) Vitamin D

6) Stimulates healthy gut

7) Supports a healthy immune system

● Fun Fact: Mushrooms are genetically closer to humans than plants are.

7) Brussel Sprouts

Being a Brussel Sprouts fan is definitely ‘in’ this Fall

Best time: Throughout Fall

● Health Benefits:

1) Contains many key nutrients

2) Rich in antioxidants

3) High in fiber

4) Vitamin K

5) Vitamin C

6) Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels

7) Anti-inflammatory

Fun Fact: In 2013, Brussels sprouts were used to light up an entire Christmas tree on a display in Southbank, London.


It’s pumpkin spice season after all!

Best time: Early to Mid-Fall

Health Benefits:

1) Rich in Potassium

2) Boosts immune system

3) High in Fiber

4) Regulates blood pressure

5) Lowers risk of cancer

6) Helps improve vision

7) Reduces risk of chronic disease

Fun Fact: Research shows that pumpkins are thought to have originated in Central America over 7,500 years ago.

9) Fennel

Perfect for creating the perfect Autumn side dish for your dinner table

Best time: Mid to Late Fall

● Health Benefits:

1) Benefits heart health

2) Has anti-cancer properties

3) Helps curb appetite

4) Relieves menopausal symptoms

5) Reduces aging-related memory deficits

6) Anti-inflammatory

7) Has antibacterial properties

● Fun Fact: Fennel is beneficial for breastfeeding because it increases milk secretion.

10) Pears

Apples’ lesser known cousin, but filled with delicate sweetness all the same

Best time: Throughout Fall

Health Benefits:

1) Supports gut health

2) Lowers the risk of type II diabetes

3) Helps weight management

4) Supports heart health

5) Has anti cancer properties

6) Improves kidney health

7) Boosts skin health

Fun Fact: Pear tree wood is frequently used to construct musical instruments, furniture, and other wood décor.

11) Sweet Potatoes

A delicious and versatile gem of the season that brings automatic comfort to anyone

Best time: Early to Mid-Fall

Health Benefits:

1) Prevents Vitamin A deficiency

2) Regulates blood sugar

3) Lowers risk of cancer

4) Rich in antioxidants

5) Helps promote healthy vision

6) Lowers cholesterol

7) Boosts reproductive system

Fun Fact: You can eat the whole plant of a sweet potato. The leaves are very tasty and are filled with even more nutrients than the spud - a great alternative to any leafy greens!

Gradito’s Recipe Corner:

Gradito is here to help you make cooking easy and nutritious for everyone at home. Whether you book a private chef experience or get inspired by one of Gradito’s talented personal chefs, here’s some fall cooking inspiration for your inner chef.

Beautifully plated pumpkin and miso blini.

● Pumpkin& Miso Blini

Roasted Chicken Skin, Charred Eggplant

A texture-rich bite for you and your friends to welcome the Autumn season…

-100 juiced pumpkin

-100 grated pumpkin

Cook slowly until almost dry. Blend until smooth and pass.

-100 puree

-20 yolk

-15 miso

-40 cup4cup (sprinkle atop)

100 chix mousseline

100 boneless thighs, 10 white meat, 3 salt, 200 oat milk yogurt. Grind, blend, pass.

40 pumpkin merengue

100 pumpkin juice, 13 albumin, 5 lemon juice. Boil, strain, scale, chill, stick blend. Swell for 3 hours. Mix the merengue and fold. A la plancha.

Chix Skin

Scrape fat, salt, and Silpat press steam at 100°C for 15 minutes. Roast at 140°C for 60 minutes.


Char until skin blisters and blackens.


Pickle myoga: 200 vinegar, 200sugar, 200 water.

● PortobelloMushroom Salad

Treviso, Balsamico di Modena, Garden Sage, Roasted Garlic, Garden Basil

A light Mediterranean dish elevated with notes of fresh Fall sage

Two plates of well prepared Portobello Mushroom Salad.


Chop fresh treviso and toss with anchovy paste, lemon, and olive oil.


Roast mushrooms with garlic and sage.

Plate mushrooms with treviso on the side and garnish with minced parsley.

It’s time to enjoy Fall produce and add more raw fruits and veggies to your diet. For more inspiration, make sure to check out! Make sure to tag @graditoappwith all your delicious creations this season.

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