Elevate Your Hamptons Stay in 2023 with a Private Chef

December 18, 2023

When it comes to Gradito, we know luxury. We also know that the Hamptons is one of the best destinations to experience elegance and extravagance. That’s why we offer our private chef services in the city of New York as well as the Hamptons.

If you didn’t already know, we’ll let you in on a little NYC secret… When you’re craving luxury and an escape from New York City’s chaos, the Hamptons might be the best and quickest getaway idea for us New Yorkers. Some of us have enjoyed this special place since we were kids, and others are just starting to uncover the luxurious wonder of this coastal oasis. From Cooper’s Beach to the historic Shinnecock Golf Club to the Montauk Point Lighthouse, there are so many things to do during your stay in the Hamptons…

But, hey, we all know what the best part of any great vacation is… Don’t worry, there’s only one right answer.

The FOOD, of course! 

With its great selection of high-end local restaurants and access to high-quality ingredients, the Hamptons is a gastronomic destination all in itself. But sometimes after having so much fun under the Hamptons’ sun it can be a little hard to dress up and go out to a fancy restaurant… And it can be even harder to go out grocery shopping and organize a meal for your whole party. But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution.

There’s definitely a “Hamptons standard”, and hiring a personal chef with Gradito will certainly give you that edge and more. In such a lavish place, booking with Gradito is the newest luxury in-home dining experience. There’s no need to make a phone call or write a detailed email because your first-class private chef dining experience with Gradito is just a click away through the Gradito private chef app. Here you’ll be able to directly find the most talented chefs near you, and the best part is… They’re available within a day’s notice. It doesn’t get better than this…

No matter the occasion, Gradito is here to elevate your stay in the Hamptons and make it the most memorable yet… Here’s why:

  1. Time is a Commodity, Even in the Hamptons

You’re in the Hamptons, and let’s be honest, you don’t want to lift a single finger while you’re here. Why would you? You already booked this amazing weekend beach house, planned the daily activities, and shopped for all the groceries… Now it’s time for you to relax and enjoy. This is where Gradito comes in.

You’ve spent the whole day doing fun activities, and now you’re ready to take a nice little break. But you know that’s going to be a little hard with a house full of hungry people… Instead of lounging around and enjoying the sunset, you’re stuck chopping the veggies and boiling the pasta. Hiring a private chef and sommelier with Gradito means you get to worry less, and spend more time doing what you want to do. This means sipping on some cocktails with friends, playing beach tennis with your kids, or going on a bicycle stroll with your partner. There’s no need for you to run out to the store or glue your eyes to the oven because your very own personal chef will take care of everything from grocery shopping to cooking to cleaning up. So go ahead, and focus on your friends and family, you’ve got nothing to worry about right now… Just enjoy.

  1. Indulge, While Still Eating Healthy

Staying healthy and watching what we eat has now become a big priority for many of us, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. Sticking to a well-balanced diet with a variety of nutritious foods can be hard, but doing so while on vacation - now that’s the real challenge. With so many temptations and external factors to deal with, it can sometimes feel too overwhelming to remain loyal to our healthy habits.  That’s why Gradito is an easy and delicious solution that can support your long-term dietary needs during your trip.

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and we don’t want you to lose track of that. But we also don’t want to stop you from treating yourself. Hiring an in-home private chef with Gradito during your stay in the Hamptons will not only ensure your dietary needs are met, but will also offer you a taste of decadence without the harmful ingredients. Our elite private chefs and sommeliers purchase the very best quality ingredients, which means that freshness and flavor are guaranteed. You can have your very own luxurious Hamptons private chef dinner party, all while being served delicious food that will fill you in more ways than one.

  1. Make Your Airbnb the Hottest Michelin-Star Restaurant in the Hamptons

Good news… dinner is chez toi tonight and no, it’s not your turn to cook. 

Get ready to be the VIP table at the hottest Michelin-star restaurant in the Hamptons without having to leave your beach house. By hiring a personal chef and sommelier through the Gradito private chef app, you can have a restaurant-quality experience in the comfort of your Airbnb. You get to enjoy a unique gourmet menu made just for you by one of our top-ranked NYC private chefs. And don’t forget, you can also add a sommelier to your booking and make your personalized menu even more special. 

The best part is, once you’ve finished enjoying your exclusive private chef menu, you can just go to bed without having to clean up a single thing! But if going to bed is the last thing on your mind, let us not change your plans… You’re home, so the party doesn’t stop until you say it does!

  1. Budget Ahead of Time

It’s easy to have fun when you’re in the Hamptons… But sometimes when we go out to a restaurant, we can have a little too much fun and end up ordering far more than what we had originally planned. Not to mention, there are always those semi-surprising additional charges. Here at Gradito we love surprises, but not when it comes to extra hidden costs…

Another benefit of hiring an in-home private chef experience with Gradito is that you can budget your money ahead of time. Through the Gradito private chef app you will be able to receive a detailed list of all the costs before your event, so there’s no need to worry about additional charges. Gradito’s private chefs and sommeliers are here to bring you luxury you can trust and anticipate ahead of time. 

  1. Celebrating is Easy & Fun With Gradito

Whether you’re on vacation, celebrating your bachelorette, or visiting your family, Gradito’s private chef service can be a fun and easy way to celebrate any special occasion in the Hamptons. We work with the best-in-class personal chefs to bring you the ultimate in-home private chef experience in the Hamptons. With Gradito’s private chef service, you get to relax with your friends and family while your personal chef prepares the meal of your dreams. 

With Gradito, you can choose from one of our top chef’s seasonal menus, or create a customized menu unique to you and your special event. You can also bring in a sommelier to your event, and elevate the menu of your choosing. Whatever you choose, we are positive that Gradito will bring a first-class dining experience to you and your party in the Hamptons. 

We invite you to treat your family and impress your friends with this intimate luxury dining experience like no other… By hiring an in-home private chef and sommelier with Gradito you’ll be able to organize an in-home private chef dinner party that will be the talk of the town for years to come. 

Let the Hamptons know… There’s a new chef in town.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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