Washington D.C.'s Best Takeout for Chinese Food Cravings

July 4, 2024

Washington D.C. has a diverse food scene, and Chinese cuisine is no exception. There are fantastic takeout options, whether you're craving familiar favorites or want to explore something new. But with so many restaurants, finding the "best Chinese takeout near me" can be overwhelming.

This guide will help you navigate the delicious world of D.C.'s Chinese takeout. It features three classic dishes and highlights a restaurant for each. Plus, we'll introduce you to Gradito, a service that brings the magic of a private chef to your home for a truly special Asian cuisine experience.

Three Must-Try Takeout Dishes


Dumplings are like little edible packages of deliciousness! They come in all shapes and sizes, but they are generally small pouches made from dough. You can enjoy them as an appetizer, a light meal, or a side dish. They're often served with a dipping sauce, like a soy sauce and vinegar mix, chili oil, or sesame sauce, that adds another layer of flavor.

Where to Get It: Head to Dumplings and Beyond in Adams Morgan. Their dumplings are packed with flavor and are generous in portion size. They also offer a variety of other Chinese specialties, which are perfect for those who enjoy a kick.

General Tso's Chicken

This Americanized classic is a staple of Chinese takeout menus. Crispy chicken is coated in a sweet and tangy sauce with a touch of heat.

Where to Get It: New Big Wong in Chinatown offers a delicious rendition of General Tso's Chicken. Their budget-friendly lunch specials make it a great quick and satisfying meal option.

Pork Belly Buns

Pork belly buns, also known as gua bao (瓜包 in Chinese) or Taiwanese pork belly buns, are a delightful handheld treat explodes with flavor and texture.

Where to Get It: China Boy in Chinatown is known for its fresh, made-to-order noodles. But don't miss its pork belly buns—the perfect appetizer or light lunch.

Craving Something More? Here comes Gradito

Craving a more personalized Asian culinary adventure? Look no further than Gradito private chefs! Unlike takeout, Gradito offers a unique in-home dining experience tailored to your preferences. Whether you're a die-hard Sichuan food enthusiast or yearning for a delicate dim sum feast, wherever you are in Washington DC, Gradito can connect you with an exceptional Asian cuisine specialist. Here’s one of our best chefs in Asian cuisine:

Chef Steve

Chef Steve is a culinary professional with a diverse background in both the private and restaurant sectors. As the Chef/Owner of Chez Hugo restaurant in Baltimore from November 2017 to July 2020 and previously at Aromes restaurant from February 2015 to November 2017, Chef Steve demonstrated his culinary prowess and leadership skills.

Before venturing into restaurant ownership, Chef Steve excelled as a Private Chef from March 2011 to October 2013, serving clients in Los Angeles, New York, and Santa Barbara. He also gained valuable experience as a Private Chef for high-profile individuals in Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, New York, Hampton, and Malibu.

Educated in culinary arts in France, Chef Steve's passion and dedication were recognized with the Award of Kitchen in 1995 for being the Best Apprentice in the State of Champagne, Ardennes. With a rich background in both restaurant and private settings, Chef Steve continues to impress with his culinary creations, blending traditional techniques with innovative flair.

Benefits of a Gradito Private Chef:

  • Asian Cuisine Expertise: Gradito chefs specialize in various Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean. They can create a menu that reflects your favorite Asian culinary flavors.
  • Premium Ingredients: Your Gradito chef will source high-quality ingredients, ensuring a restaurant-worthy dining experience from the comfort of your home.
  • Unmatched Convenience: Skip the wait and hassle of takeout or crowded restaurants. Enjoy a stress-free, personalized dining experience in your own space.
  • Memorable Moments: Gradito private chef experiences are more than just a meal; they create lasting memories shared with loved ones.

This is the magic of a Gradito private chef experience. It elevates your dining experience beyond the ordinary, turning it into a special occasion to remember.

Ready to Experience Asian Cuisine Like Never Before?

For an extraordinary Asian dining experience, consider Gradito's private chefs.  With their expertise, fresh ingredients, and personalized service, Gradito elevates your meal into a memorable event.

So, the next time you're in the mood for Asian food in Washington DC, remember—Gradito is here to help you experience it in a new way. Contact us today or visit our website to unlock a world of Asian culinary delights!

Sean Kommer
Founder of Gradito
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