What Should Be Next Up On Your Family Bucket List in 2023?

December 18, 2023

As we grow up, many of us realize that our best memories are the joyous times we’ve spent with our families. Whether it was a rollercoaster ride at Disney World, a home-cooked meal at your grandparents’ house, or your first time going to the beach, we all have at least one moment that stands out with our family that we hold dearly. Be that as it may, with the quick influx of social media in the past decade we’ve become more independent beings, whether we acknowledge it or not. The years pass quicker than we think and screens continue to consume the majority of our time, making quality time with the people we love as precious as ever. 

Your kids deserve to have special memories like the ones you look back on today, especially during these ‘post-pandemic’ times. We know there are factors like jobs, time, and schedules that can inhibit this quality time from happening. It’s also hard to entertain your kids these days when you’re competing with things like iPads, an Xbox, and Netflix… but we want to bring families together, and save you time doing it. Have you ever thought of adding Gradito to your Family Bucket List? 

There are only so many family game nights and Taco Tuesdays you can do… So why not surprise your kids with a Spanish Tapas Night… family style! With a few clicks, you can hire a professional chef on our Gradito app, and book an exclusive evening for your entire family. Let us transport you and your family to Sevilla, so your kids can experience a taste of the world that lies outside of their screens.

Bring Adventure to Your Household

Picture this… the kids come home from school and one of them asks you, “Hey, what’s for dinner?” and another one says, “Probably pizza again, right?” And then you get to act all mysterious and say, “Tonight we’re doing something a little different guys.” It’s been a while since you’ve seen them so surprised, but you can’t wait to see their faces when the actual surprise comes… A night of authentic Spanish cuisine with your very own private chef awaits!

When you and your family are leading busy lives filled with work meetings, school, and extracurriculars, it’s important to step outside of your routine once in a while and leave space for a little extravagance. Don’t you think? Luxurious things tend to be reserved for adults, but Gradito wants to bring the gift of luxury to your entire family. A Family Tapas Night is our kid-friendly idea of “fine dining made fun”. What better introduction to luxury dining than the rich and colorful flavors of Spain? Many people assume that kids can only begin experiencing sophisticated dining when they reach a certain age. Until then, they’re left picking between the same monochromatic menu of mac & cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets, and fries. Here at Gradito, we believe children should have the opportunity to develop their culinary palate from a young age. We invite families to have an open mind when trying dishes as we believe it will lead to delicious discoveries. Who knows if your kids will soon be fans of ‘pulpo a la brasa’? Maybe they won’t, but at least they said ‘yes’ and tried it. After all, that’s the first step of any gastronomic journey.

Healthy Ingredients = Happy Family

Our private chefs are the best of the best, and so are their ingredients. Your Gradito chef will use the most high-quality local and imported ingredients that they have available. We guarantee that your Tapas Night will be filled with the freshest seafood, meats, cheeses, and produce. Regardless of age, Gradito is an educational experience for everyone, even for our professional chefs. By presenting fresh and nutritious ingredients to your family, we want to inspire you and your kids to continue bringing color and a variety of foods to your kitchen table. 

Although we love adventure and introducing your family to new worlds of flavor, we understand people have their limits. Unlike certain restaurants and delivery food apps, Gradito’s personal chefs take allergies and food preferences very seriously. They are more than happy to accommodate your family’s needs, and will make sure to make the best gluten-free Tapas Night they possibly can if need be! 

Parents Can Have Fun Too

Let’s not forget that any great Tapas Night isn’t complete without some good Rioja. We know you’ll already be having loads of fun with your family, but our trusty sommeliers can create a unique wine list just for you and your special Tapas Night. You can celebrate your night of family fun knowing you are already in the comfort of your home! Did we mention our personal chefs and sommeliers take care of all the dishes and cleaning? That’s right, keep enjoying your family, we’ve got it covered. We’re just here to make your family night the best one yet, so go ahead and dance a Gipsy Kings song with your kids in the living room, we’ll take care of the rest.

A Family Night to Remember

Olé! And just like that a night of surprised smiles, good food, and even better company. Go ahead, you can cross Gradito off your Family Bucket List… or not? Next up could be an Indian or Australian BBQ night. We’ll let you decide. Either way, we’re sure your kids one day will say, “You remember that one night when you surprised us with that chef and we had tapas for the first time?” Mission achieved! There you go, a family night to remember… You can put the kids to bed knowing they're going to go to school tomorrow telling their friends all about the private chef that came to their house, and all the cool new foods they tried. 

Congrats, you just became the ‘cool parents’ at school... but your kids already knew that.  

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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