NYC's Latest Sommelier & Wine Tasting Experience Guide

December 18, 2023

Wine is always a great idea… and when it comes to wine, New York City offers a variety of options to get your vino on. From wine bars to city wineries to wine-tasting masterclasses, NYC is the urban Napa Valley of the East Coast. And if you're still craving something with a little more of that beautiful Napa scenery, the Finger Lakes are just a drive away from the city. 

With so many fun options to choose from and incredible access to the most prestigious and rare wines the world has to offer, there’s something for everyone here looking to enjoy a great sip of wine. But what if I told you there’s something you had yet to check off your wine bucket list… Imagine a personalized luxury wine tasting, all without having to leave town, or your apartment, for that matter. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Here’s your first-hand look at NYC's latest and greatest wine experience…

Grab your wine glass and welcome to Gradito: an exclusive approach to a sommelier and wine-tasting experience in New York City as well as the Hamptons. Whether you're a wine rookie or a true aficionado, you'll get to experience glass after glass of unparalleled luxury guaranteed. 

So here’s all you need to know about Gradito’s unmatched private sommelier & wine tasting experience…

  • Did Someone Say… Personal Sommelier?

Enjoying wines recommended by a sommelier at a fine dining restaurant can be one of the most enjoyable gastronomic experiences available to us. Beyond suggesting wine pairings and pouring wine, sommeliers have the unique opportunity to connect with people during their meals and elevate their dining experience with exceptional hospitality. It’s hard to find this top-tier culinary attentiveness, but it’s even harder to share it with an entire restaurant filled with patrons craving the same thing as you. What if you could book your very own private sommelier?

Get ready to unlock the next level of NYC sommelier experiences with Gradito.

Let us awaken your inner sommelier, and bring the taste of luxury to your doorstep. By booking with Gradito, you’ll be able to have a personal sommelier just for you and your taste buds right in your living room. Forget about the fast-paced environment of a restaurant, and enjoy an intimate setting with a wine list curated for you and your guests. After hiring a wine expert with Gradito, you’ll get the chance to exclusively experience the beautiful marriage between food and wine, and give your dinner party the “wow” factor it deserves. It’s time to sip, smell, and taste some of the best wines out there with a top-ranked NYC sommelier.

  • A First-Class Meal to Accompany Your Exclusive Wine-Tasting Experience

Let’s not forget that one of the best NYC private chefs will be teaming up with your sommelier to make your occasion a true culinary masterpiece. When it comes to Gradito’s personal chef app, you are the creator of your own Michelin-star restaurant. Not only is the personal sommelier’s wine list inspired by you and your unique style, but they will also specifically make it so that it directly compliments the personalized menu that you and your private chef match create. 

Whether you book a private chef night of vegan Thai cuisine or a decadent full-course steak dinner, our trusty sommeliers will make sure to find a selection of rare wines that will bring your luxurious wine experience to the next level. Just think… Fresh & first-class ingredients paired with wines from all around the world will bring out flavors you never knew existed in your favorite cuisines. Now that’s what we call a wine-tasting experience!

  • Unlimited Access to the Best Wines Out There

Gradito is all about quality and memorable connections. So we seek out the best private chefs and sommeliers in NYC for your easy convenience all in a personal chef app. Both our private chefs and sommeliers have years of culinary expertise and have had the chance to explore unique experiences all around the world. We want to create an intimate space where our highly-skilled private chefs and sommeliers have the opportunity to offer their stories and knowledge to curious clients in search of ‘something new’ and ‘something bold’... And so what better way to experience wines from so many different regions and countries than to travel through your senses at a luxurious in-home dining experience? 

Besides having the ability to enjoy delicious wines in the comfort of your home, hiring a Gradito sommelier in NYC or the Hamptons ensures direct access to the rarest, most delicious wines in today’s market. Gradito sommeliers have connections all across the globe and work with an array of distributors. After your full-course customized menu is set with your NYC personal chef, your sommelier will create a wine list that will challenge your senses and exceed your expectations.

  • Learn While You Indulge in Fine Wine

Wine is constantly changing, and that’s why sommeliers are always diving into the newest wine trends and the latest discoveries in viticulture and oenology (the study of wine). Gradito sommeliers have spent countless hours learning to understand and comprehend the art of wine and grape cultivation. Not only will you enjoy a high-end selection of wines on your dinner table, but you’ll also get a free masterclass on wine with your personal sommelier. 

Glass after glass, you’ll get the chance to strengthen your wine-tasting skills and travel across the globe… learning the stories, notes, and peculiarities that lie behind the label of your wine bottle. After your evening with Gradito, you’ll be ready to impress all your wine friends… and if you’re a newbie, who knows, you might just start a new favorite hobby? 

  • Not a Wine Class, Not a Wine Tour…

More like a luxurious wine celebration with a top-ranked private chef and personal sommelier! What sets Gradito’s sommelier and wine-tasting experience apart from the rest of NYC’s wine scene is that although the wine may be the star, YOU are our priority. As Gradito’s elite sommeliers and private chefs test your senses and share their deep knowledge of food and wine,  they will make sure you feel like a royal guest in your own home.

With a Gradito sommelier, you can experience the vineyards of the world from the grape to the bottle. You’ll be able to enjoy hospitality at its finest with exquisite bottles of wine from the most exclusive distributors without leaving your apartment. 

So, go ahead, and start building your cork collection by booking with Gradito for the ultimate VIP wine experience in NYC.

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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