Here’s How Gradito is Leading the Way for In-Home Luxury Dining

December 18, 2023

Are you an experience seeker? Maybe an avid foodie? Perhaps a content creator? Either way, keep reading because you are in for a seriously delicious adventure ahead.

Tell your friends…The art of dining in is back in style, and tasting better than ever! Sure, COVID-19 brought many negatives, but it also gave us a huge amount of positives too. Thanks to being locked in a house with nowhere to go for over a year, we now remember how fun and satisfying dining in can be. With Tik Tok, remote jobs, and actual time on our hands, we’ve learned to recreate the experience of going out to a restaurant through creative ways. However, there are only so many salmon rice bowls and charcuterie boards we can make. Plus, we always have those moments where we crave the high-end nature of going out and the perks of fine dining… Why not then bring the Michelin-star restaurant home with you? 

Welcome to your new destination for exclusive gastronomic experiences: Gradito

Luxury is ‘In’

Here at Gradito, we believe that 2023 is the year for luxury. Who said private chefs were solely reserved for celebrities and household names? In this new year, we think it’s time for you to treat yourself and experience this ultimate culinary experience in your own home. Just imagine, no taxi, no crowds, and no waiting… You pick the playlist, the dress code (and yes, pajamas are an option), and the food! And the best part is, we match you with the Gradito private chef who has the highest rating in your particular cuisine of choice. 

At Gradito we think that an exquisite gourmet experience can go hand in hand with the comfort of your home. There’s a certain level of intimacy that makes dining at home even more special than eating out. Gradito goes beyond the usual restaurant experience. The idea of fine dining at home with a private chef adds a whole extra element of fun and excitement to any dinner party, birthday, or anniversary. So go ahead, spoil yourself, impress your in-laws, and feel all fancy in front of your friends… Luxury is ‘in’, and so is in-home luxury dining with Gradito.

The Ultimate Foodie Experience

It’s almost impossible to not be a foodie in the city of New York. With so many options and food trends to choose from, you are bound to convert to ‘Foodieism’ as a New Yorker. From Michelin-star restaurants to small dining pop-ups to flying ice cream, there’s something for everyone. Trust me. But there’s something many New Yorkers have yet to try… Some might even call it the city’s most exclusive food trend at the moment. In-home luxury dining has been the talk of the Big Apple recently, and Gradito is certainly paving the way for this elevated yet approachable culinary experience.

Gradito connects you with top-ranking chefs who specialize in a variety of cuisines in a matter of seconds. Like any other food delivery service, with the Gradito App, you have the ability to have an in-home chef experience on-demand. With Gradito, you can skip the take-out and treat yourself to a restaurant outing by having a private chef and sommelier come in and serve you. There’s truly nothing like taking a break from the kitchen apron, or even the food delivery app and enjoying a fancy meal in your dining room.

Eating out isn’t as exciting as it used to be. With so many food options to choose from in NYC, Gradito makes your life easy by providing a new, fun, and different experience for everyone to enjoy. Our private chefs and sommeliers will share with you a taste of luxury, so you can experience the ‘best of the best’ this city has to offer. So, guess what? Being a foodie just got more exciting. Get ready to show off the extravagant dishes and top-tier wine your Gradito private chef and sommelier prepared just for you.

Welcome to a World of Cuisines

Gradito is an interactive fine-dining experience that brings together curious individuals with a love for food and wine. Similarly to the growing popularity of in-home luxury dining, there has been a recent trend in the past few years of more people becoming interested in learning about food and cuisines around the world. Besides the eating and drinking part, we are now more than ever eager to understand the flavors that exist in our food. With foodie experiences, food influencers, and widespread food trends on the rise, people are far more open and even intrigued, to take a chance and try something completely new to them.

I tried to refrain from mentioning Tik Tok twice in this post, but here it goes… Thanks to the global nature of this app, in the past few years we’ve been able to expand our vision of what food is and what it can be. We’ve seen the vast array of cuisines and dishes that exist all around the world with Tik Tok, but now it’s time to experience them with Gradito. You can get the special chance to witness these flavors firsthand with our professional chefs, who have years of training and have had the chance to explore food beyond the United States. 

Gradito private chefs know the importance of specificity. Our culinary experts strive to offer tasting menus that differentiate regional cuisines instead of using umbrella terms like Chinese or Latin American food. Whether it’s a night of Cantonese cooking or a three-course meal of Peruvian food, Gradito chefs will make sure to surprise you with new and exciting flavors you have yet to experience.

No Vineyard, No Problem

Can’t make it to the vineyard? No problem. Part of Gradito’s ‘Ultimate Foodie Experience’ is the luxurious opportunity to bring the world’s top wines and spirits to your doorstep. And what’s better than a menu made just for your unique palate? Spirits tasting to accompany it, of course. 

By booking one of our exceptional sommeliers alongside your Gradito private chef, you get the exclusive chance to taste some of the best wines, beers, and sakes in the market. And unlike in a restaurant, your sommelier will make sure to find the best wine or spirit pairing for each of your dishes. Not only can you get an interactive and individualized experience with your very own wine connoisseur, but you can also escape to a vineyard without having to leave your dinner table. In-home fine dining just got ten times cooler, didn’t it? 

A Personalized Experience Like No Other

We said it once, and we’ll say it again… 2023 is the year of luxury, and an in-home chef experience is the best taste of opulence you can get. A booking with a Gradito private chef and sommelier gives you the gift of luxury with a fully custom-tailored menu of delicious elegance. When hiring a Gradito private chef you are guaranteed a menu that is unique to you and your taste buds.  Our private chefs ensure that the ingredients you don’t enjoy, are allergic to, or that simply don’t spark your appetite, will never touch your dish. 

With our chefs’ diverse and cohesive menus of exciting flavors, you will experience the same expertise of a Michelin-star restaurant, but with a higher level of care and service. We welcome you to the new era of luxury in-home dining with Gradito - a refined and intimate experience just for you. 

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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