The 3 Must-Try Chinese Takeout Dishes in Miami in 2024

June 27, 2024

Miami's food scene offers a broad taste of the world, and Chinese cuisine is no exception. But sometimes, you just want to curl up on the couch with a satisfying takeout meal after a long day. Finding the "best Chinese takeout near me" can feel overwhelming whether you're a longtime resident or a curious visitor. But don’t worry. This guide dives into three popular Chinese dishes and recommends top restaurants for takeout in Miami. We'll introduce you to Gradito, a service that elevates your Chinese food experience with Michelin-trained private chefs!

The All-Time Favorites

General Tso's Chicken

This spicy classic is a staple in American Chinese takeout. Crispy, battered chicken gets tossed in a sweet, tangy sauce with chili peppers and garlic. It's a flavor explosion perfect for takeout nights!

Where to Find It: Head to Tropical Chinese on Bird Road. They've been a Miami favorite for over 30 years and are known for their authentic Hong Kong-style dishes. Their General Tso's chicken is a crowd-pleaser, offering the right balance of sweetness and heat.

Kung Pao Chicken

Another popular choice is Kung Pao chicken, which features stir-fried chicken with peanuts, vegetables like peppers and celery, and a savory, slightly spicy sauce. It's a great option for those who enjoy a richer flavor profile with a satisfying crunch.

Where to Find It: Kon Chau on Bird Road is a local gem known for its extensive menu and delicious dim sum. Their Kung Pao chicken is a takeout favorite, packed with flavor and generous portions.

Wonton Soup

This comforting noodle soup features wontons (small dumplings) with savory fillings like pork or shrimp swimming in a clear broth. It's a perfect starter or light lunch option; many takeout menus offer it in various sizes.

Where to Find It: China Express has multiple locations across Miami, making it a convenient option for takeout. Their Wonton Soup is a crowd-pleaser featuring a flavorful broth and perfectly cooked wontons.

Elevate Your Chinese Food Experience with Gradito

Craving a more personalized Asian culinary adventure? Look no further than Gradito private chefs! Unlike takeout, Gradito offers a unique in-home dining experience tailored to your preferences. Whether you're a die-hard Sichuan food enthusiast or yearning for a delicate dim sum feast, wherever you are in Miami, Gradito can connect you with an exceptional Asian cuisine specialist. Here’s one of our best chefs in Asian cuisine:

Chef Duncan

Chef Duncan is a highly skilled and classically trained Michelin-starred chef. This culinary expert brings a wealth of experience from establishments like Per Se, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and Alain Ducasse in NYC. Seeking an opportunity aligned with their expertise, the chef is interested in providing a twice-weekly drop-off meal service focusing on Mediterranean-inspired, healthy cuisine featuring bright citrus flavors and reduced use of butter and cream.

With over two decades of culinary experience, including roles on superyachts and in Michelin-starred restaurants, the chef excels in diverse settings, from private family meals to large-scale events, including catering for Presidents. Their culinary preference lies in clean, healthy, and organic Mediterranean-style dishes, and they are comfortable working in various locations, including yachts and planes, across North Miami, the Caribbean, South of France, the Amalfi Coast, the Hamptons, NYC, Aspen, Dallas, and beyond.

Benefits of a Gradito Private Chef:

  • Asian Cuisine Expertise: Gradito chefs specialize in various Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean. They can create a menu that reflects your favorite Asian culinary flavors.
  • Premium Ingredients: Your Gradito chef will source high-quality ingredients, ensuring a restaurant-worthy dining experience from the comfort of your home.
  • Unmatched Convenience: Skip the wait and hassle of takeout or crowded restaurants. Enjoy a stress-free, personalized dining experience in your own space.
  • Memorable Moments: Gradito private chef experiences are more than just a meal; they create lasting memories shared with loved ones.

This is the magic of a Gradito private chef experience. It elevates your dining experience beyond the ordinary, turning it into a special occasion to remember.

Ready to Experience Asian Cuisine Like Never Before?

For an extraordinary Asian dining experience, consider Gradito's private chefs.  With their expertise, fresh ingredients, and personalized service, Gradito elevates your meal into a memorable event.

So, the next time you're in the mood for Asian food in Miami, remember—Gradito is here to help you experience it in a new way. Contact us today or visit our website to unlock a world of Asian culinary delights!

Sean Kommer
Founder of Gradito
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