The 4 Best Personalized Foodie Apps You Need to Know in New York City

December 18, 2023

Let’s face it, apps have become our new best friends… trusty pieces of software on which we consistently rely that make our lives ten times easier.  Whether it’s helping you look for a romantic partner, reminding you of your errands, or playing Wordscapes, the apps on your home screen always have your back. And just like our best friends, we expect them to know us well… really well… especially when it comes to food.

In today’s world, having Yelp, OpenTable, and Resy downloaded on your device automatically means that you’re a big fan of food… probably good food, too. Am I wrong? These apps are great, but sometimes their user experience can feel generalized, or even impersonal. They rely on others' opinions of restaurants and places, and that’s okay - but it doesn’t really focus on what you want. 

So, for those of you in search of “a personal touch” when it comes to your food apps folder, here are the top 5 personalized foodie apps in New York City that we think you should download:

  1. Gradito

“Opening the Door to Delicious & Exclusive Experiences”

App Price: Free

Only Available for iOS

Looking for a private chef or sommelier on short notice? Well, there’s no need to go down a cybernetic rabbit hole and google “private chef near me”, “home chef-prepared meals” or even “in-home chef for a dinner party”. It’s much more simple than that… just download NYC and the Hamptons’ latest personal chef app. 

Gradito is an exclusive private chef app that brings a luxury fine-dining experience and first-class ingredients to your doorstep. This personal chef app directly connects you to top-ranking personal chefs and sommeliers in NYC and the Hamptons. So forget about having to spend countless hours researching personal chefs near me or looking for a service that your in-laws will approve of, Gradito is private chef dining made easy


You choose your event details and desired cuisine & food preferences, and the Gradito private chef app will match you with an elite NYC personal chef who will create a personalized menu just for you. The gourmet fun doesn’t just end there. You can upgrade your Gradito private chef booking by adding a sommelier that will create a wine menu to compliment you and your private chef’s unique menu. 

Gradito’s in-home chef experiences are for all the curious foodies out there wanting to experience something new, luxurious, and absolutely delicious. So, the question is… When’s your next dinner party? 

  1. Hello Vino

“The First Truly Personalized Wine Subscription Service”

App Price: Free

Available for iOS & Android

 Do you ever find yourself staring at a wine menu at a restaurant, and having no idea what to order? What about when it’s your turn to buy a bottle of wine for the get-together, but you have absolutely no clue what to buy? Say Hello (Vino) to your new on-the-go personal wine assistant. Hello Vino is a wine assistant app that helps you find the best wine recommendations based on your wine preferences. 

Hello Vino offers you:

  • Full access to the Hello Vino app’s incredible wine guide and database of food & wine pairings
  • The ability to scan wines labels, rate wines, and save custom notes about each bottle you purchase
  • Exclusive wine recommendations based on your unique taste preferences (i.e dry white wines, fruity, cherry flavors)

Whether it’s for a dinner party, a birthday gift, or just a special treat for your partner, this app can help you find the perfect wine bottle for your special occasion. Besides being able to find a bottle for every event, meal, and flavor profile, Hello Vino uses AI to create a personalized wine selection just for you based on your taste preferences. 

After you tap through the recommendations, scan wine labels, and rate your favorites, the app will create wine suggestions based on your profile. Just think, you can have your very own personalized virtual wine cellar everywhere you go. 


If you’re still not convinced… They have a NO SNOBS ALLOWED policy. 

Cheers to that, am I right?

  1. Beli

“All Your Favorite Restaurants, Ranked”

App Price: Free

Available for iOS & Android

Sure, you can go on Yelp and try to find a good restaurant for tonight’s outing. But by the time you find a place in the vast unknown sea that is NYC’s restaurant scene, you’ve probably already decided to put on your pjs and order Uber EatsUberEats. It can be tough to narrow down the list of places you could potentially go to eat, and even harder to find exactly what you’re looking for. But wait, what about that one restaurant you went to that day in Brooklyn? Maybe you could go there. What was the name again?

Never forget the name of a restaurant, or spend hours looking for one again… Beli is a personalized restaurant discovery app helping individuals effortlessly find restaurants. 

With Beli you can: 

  • Keep track of your own updated lists and maps of every restaurant, coffee shop, hole in the wall, etc. you’ve been to or want to try (categorized by cuisine, city, and country)
  • Add custom notes, favorite dishes, photos, and each restaurant’s rating for you
  • See what places your friends are going to and what they recommend
  • Get a list of personalized restaurant recommendations specific to your tastes 

Want to discover restaurants based on your preferences and not someone else’s? The Beli app can help food lovers around the city start to savor and develop their own taste profiles with a few simple clicks. Download Beli for an organized and fun food experience that you can share with all your foodie besties.

  1. HappyCow

“Your One-Stop Resource for Everything VEG”

App Price: $3.99

Available for iOS & Android


Having healthy eating habits can make you feel all types of great. What’s not great is having to stuff your bag with snacks in case the restaurants and places you’re going to with your friends and family don't cater to your dietary needs. Even with the recent progress in the last couple of years, sometimes it can be hard finding vegetarian and vegan options around the city. But not with the help of HappyCow


HappyCow is the world’s largest vegan community and food map, all in one app.  This restaurant discovery and health guide app can help you discover healthy, vegetarian, and vegan food options at 190,000+ restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, etc.  At HappyCow you can find all things VEG… From vegan and vegetarian restaurants and health food stores around New York (and even worldwide) to travel & health articles based on your particular interests. 


Some of HappyCow's personalized features include:

  • Use keywords and cuisine filters such as “perfect for foodies” or “Instagram worthy” to find popular as well as lesser-known restaurants 
  • An interactive map to save restaurants and places (perfect for traveling too!)
  • Search and scroll to find like-minded individuals within the HappyCow community to connect with in the app

The HappyCow app is the perfect way to find places that will not only cater to your specific dietary needs but will also exceed your foodie expectations. Seek inspiration and continue to delve into your healthy lifestyle through this app, while connecting with other people with similar VEG interests. 

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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