The Finest Equipment for NYC’s Most Polished Chefs

December 18, 2023

Word on the street is that NYC’s private dining scene has just welcomed the arrival of a new personal chef app. Gradito is the name, and luxury private chef experiences are their game. 

This hire a chef app is home to the best private chefs in NYC, all of whom have trained in Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe. With years of experience and world-class culinary training, these personal chefs are creating some of the most exclusive private dining experiences in NYC and the Hamptons. Whether you need a private chef for your NYC dinner party or a private chef for your Brooklyn office luncheon, Gradito’s personal chef app is sure to find the perfect private chef match for your special event. Your chosen chef will not only help you create the best-personalized menu for your occasion, but they will also make sure to indulge your taste buds with unexpected 

flavors and aromas. Makes you want to hire a private chef in NYC now, doesn’t it? 

But the real thing that sets this private chef app apart is the caliber of their art. These polished chefs hold an unparalleled standard when it comes to their cooking. Similarly, the utensils with which they are preparing their dishes need to match their excellence too. Just like any good artist needs the best paintbrushes, these NYC private chefs use only the finest tools and equipment to create their gourmet masterpieces. 

Especially with the variety of cuisines Gradito’s private chef app offers, these culinary experts need a wide range of specific tools to prepare each dish with the care and authenticity it merits. Gradito private chefs only go to the best kitchen supply stores in NYC, and here are 3 of their favorite stops:

  1. J.B. Prince Company

$$$ - 36 E. 31st Street - “World’s Finest Tools & Equipment”

Serving both professional chefs and aspiring chefs since 1977, J.B. Prince is a staple for New York City’s culinary masters. Not only is it frequented by the chefs from Eleven Madison Park and Jean-Georges, but this family-run business is also one of Gradito NYC private chefs’ go-to shops for high-quality kitchen supplies. From traditional cookware such as Mauviel and Sitram pots to the latest sous vide contraptions, J.B. Prince has a carefully curated selection of top-of-the-line kitchen tools and equipment.  

For over 45 years now, they’ve been offering chefs the finest equipment and have been catering to the industry’s culinary trends. According to chef and restaurateur David Burke, “The store is a modern-day working museum. When you walk the aisles, you’re reminded of old-fashioned things and see the latest equipment, too. As a chef, it opens your mind.” J.B. Prince is where classic culinary tradition meets today’s cooking innovations. It’s the perfect place for Gradito personal chefs to find exactly what they're looking for to create their ultimate private chef NYC dinner parties. 

Catering to an array of culinary techniques and cuisines is a J.B. Prince specialty. Besides having a reputation for their Kunz spoons, this Midtown shop has an assortment of refined tools for whatever it is these NYC private chefs are whipping up in someone else’s kitchen. Whether it’s seafood tools for a Gradito personal chef’s private Thai pescatarian dinner or a state-of-the-art pasta machine for an Italian-inspired luxury private chef experience, J.B. Prince has got the best products for these chefs to continue to excel in their art. They even have the latest gadgets for those Gradito personal chefs who enjoy experimenting with molecular gastronomy in their polished full-course menus. J.B. Prince is a go-to shop for Gradito personal chefs looking to challenge their skill sets and explore a world of culinary techniques through a wide variety of high-grade cooking utensils.

  1. Korin

$$$ - 57 Warren Street - “Finest Tableware and Sharpest Japanese knives”

Established in 1982 in the heart of Tribeca, Korin is a prominent shop for traditional and multi-purpose cutlery from Japan. Gradito private chefs know that Japanese is among the most popular cuisines in this hire chef app. And this store has everything an NYC personal chef needs for all things Japanese cuisine - from kitchenware to sharpening tools to sake sets.

Korin is also home to some of the finest Japanese sushi essentials in NYC such as traditional wooden rice mixing tubs, super freezers, and rice cookers. One of the highlights of Gradito’s private chef experiences is the option to choose an omakase set with your private chef match. When a private chef books an Omakase with a client through the Gradito hire a chef app, they know that Korin offers some of the very best traditional sushi chef tools. Not to mention, Korin also allows chefs to take their carving skills even further and design their custom knives. Every Gradito private chef knows that a good knife makes all the difference, and these specialty knives are made with the utmost precision by Nehohi’s best knife craftsmen. Through Korin’s Custom Knife Service, these private chefs can not only choose the steel they want for their knives but also the style of the knife, blade length, knife cover, handle material, and even case. Now that’s some sharp top-grade detailing. 

These NYC personal chefs also have access to some of the best and freshest ingredients like rare pieces of A5 Wagyu beef. Korin offers premium ishiyaki stones and steak pans to help these private chefs bring authenticity and intricate flavors to their clients’ dinner tables. And let’s not forget that Gradito private chefs also love preparing a full-course teppanyaki and yakiniku menu. It just so happens that Korin has a specific section available for chefs interested in Japanese grills and grillware. Say a Gradito client is looking for a rooftop Japanese BBQ private dining experience… Well, these NYC private chefs know that their passion to bring unknown flavors to their clients plus Korin’s first-class grilling products will help elevate their kushiyaki on any given day.  

  1. Sur La Table 

$$$ - 306 W. 57th Street - “What’s Your #MakeMore?”

Gradito NYC private chefs have worked in an array of Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain, Australia, Sweden, South Korea, and Belgium, among many other countries. They believe their private chef experiences should hold the same gold standard as the restaurants they trained in. They know taste, and they know caliber. And when they’re looking for high-end cooking utensils and equipment for their luxury NYC dinner parties, they stop by Sur La Table.  

Located in Hell’s Kitchen, Sur La Table is not only known for selling high-quality equipment and supplies for professional chefs but is also notable for its knowledgeable staff. Korin might be more notable for their Japanese knives, but Sur La Table has an impressive collection of knives as well. Besides having an extensive array of cookware and kitchen tools for multiple cuisines, they also have a curated assortment of bakeware. Gradito chosen chefs are masters at preparing decadent desserts for their full-course menus. At Sur La Table they can find high-quality baking tools and essentials that will also bring their clients' dinner tables to life. Gradito NYC private chefs can find the perfect ramekins for their dark chocolate raspberry soufflé, and the most beautiful porcelain dishes for a delectable ginger plum tart. 

And if those desserts are also making your mouth water, Sur La Table can help you awaken your own inner Gradito private chef with their thorough list of cooking classes. They offer classes both in person and online perfect for a date night, fun activity with friends, or, better yet, developing your curiosity for private fine dining. Whatever your age or culinary interests, Sur La Table can give you a glimpse of the magic that happens within Gradito’s private chef experiences. 

These three shops are offering traditional excellence as well as offering their customers modern innovations of today’s cooking world. So now you know… When you’re looking to find first-class kitchen tools and equipment approved by the best private chefs in NYC go ahead and head over to J.B. Prince, Korin, and Sur La Table. 

Camelia Iturregui Fuertes
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